Becky Lynch Admits She Wanted To Submit Ronda Rousey At WWE WrestleMania 35


During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Becky Lynch discussed her match with Ronda Rousey, admitting she wishes she had tapped her out.

Lynch ended up winning the WWE WrestleMania 35 main event via pinfall, but that wasn’t how she wanted to do it, as she revealed.

“If I could change anything from WrestleMania, I would have tried to freakin’ sink on that arm bar. Make Ronda Rousey tap out for the first time in her life.”

The Man also spoke about how that rivalry was personal and how those sorts of blurred lines are able to connect with fans.

“This truly picked up genuine momentum when we got stories that were personal,” said Lynch. “Friendships were on the line, there was betrayal, and I really do think that what we were allowed to do in NXT transformed what we do in WWE now. Being able to have that platform where we could have longer matches, where we could tell engaging stories, and our gender was never a limitation, which it seemed to have been on the main roster. We’ve been constantly breaking through glass ceilings. We’ve been burning down the house, building up new ones, tearing them down, building up a castle, tearing that down, building up a freaking city, tearing that down, building up a whole new planet. Now the possibilities are endless.”

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