Becky Lynch Is Ready To Main Event WrestleMania 35, Matt Hardy Praises Seth Rollins


After successfully winning the women’s Royal Rumble last night, The Man, Becky Lynch secured her place at the upcoming WrestleMania 35.

Whilst it is currently unknown which champion Lynch is planning on challenging, it is widely expected that she will take on Ronda Rousey, potentially in the main event of the show.

That is exactly what Lynch thinks as well, sharing an image to her Instagram from last night, stating that she is going into WrestleMania with an army behind her, noting that last year she was on the pre-show, this year, she is the main event.

Matt Hardy Praises Seth Rollins

Whilst it was Lynch who won the women’s Royal Rumble, over in the men’s match it was Seth Rollins who came out on top and Matt Hardy was pleased to see WWE make that decision.

Hardy tweeted that he thought it was a strong event and that Rollins winning is the best case scenario in WWE’s big picture as he always delivers in top situations.

Matt Hardy then went on to tease his own return to WWE, stating that whenever it happens he will be coming after whoever is number one at the time.