Becky Lynch Issues Warning To Charlotte Flair, Why WWE Fans Are Behind Sunday’s Historical Event, Ronda Rousey’s Impact


Becky Lynch Interview

WWE Superstar Becky Lynch recently caught up with The Daily News at the Fearless Girl statue in Manhattan’s Financial District this morning.

Why WWE fans are behind this Sunday’s all-women’s event:

“Because I think that, one, we’ve never had such a memorable women’s champion as we do on “Smackdown Live” so I think that’s reason part one. But I also think that people have never been as invested in the female characters and we’ve never put on such show-stealing matches as we have been lately. And for the past few years we’ve just been stealing the show time and time again. The fans are ready for it. The fans started all this. They’re the ones that started the hastag ‘Give Divas A Chance’ and it turned into Revolution and here we are with WWE Evolution.”

What’s the current buzz for Sunday’s event:

“I think everybody is super pumped to see what we bring. I think people are super pumped to see what the champ brings and I think it’s next-level excitement because it is historical.”

Her message to Charlotte before their ‘Last Woman Standing’ match:

“You’ll never beat me. You’ll never beat me in a fair fight. You’ve bested me a time or two, but you’ve always had somebody helping you. You don’t have anybody helping you. There’s gonna be nobody there to save you come Sunday.”

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How Ronda Rousey impact on WWE:

“She’s a huge star. She’s a huge name. She has done so much for women in sports, right? We look at MMA and we look at UFC and women wouldn’t be in the octagon in UFC if it wasn’t for Ronda. She changed the game there and she’s a natural, an absolute natural. She has taken to this like a duck to water. She is doing great things, but I would like her to prove herself by stepping into the ring against me.”