Becky Lynch On Having ‘No Natural Talent,’ Current Women’s Division, More


– Becky Lynch did an interview for the ‘Smashing Glass Ceilings: The Women of WWE’ Channel 4 documentary in the UK, check out the highlights below:

Not having natural wrestling talent:

“I just took my first bump, and I just loved it, I loved wrestling, and it just, it got me and there was nothing that got me more focused or put me on the straight and narrow. It really got my head in the zone, and had me wanting to train and eat well and just do better in every aspect in my life. And just wanting to be the best and being able to progress, and had no natural talent whatsoever! Maybe a natural talent for talking but that was about it.”

State of the WWE Women’s Division:

“I don’t think there has ever been a time quite like it. We have always had phenomenal athletes and workers, going back to Lita, Trish Status, Jazz, and Beth Phoenix, but we have never had the spotlight and opportunities that we have right now. There was a group of us in NXT and we had this vision – we wanted to stand out in a certain way. We kept having great matches and consistently delivered. The market was there and the fan-base kept growing.”


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