Becky Lynch Sends Her Respect To Kairi Sane Following TLC Match


The Man, Becky Lynch sent a tweet out to show her respect for Kairi Sane following their WWE TLC match which headlined the PPV last night.

Sane appeared to suffer a concussion during the match, although that has yet to be confirmed. The Kabuki Warrior looked out of it during certain spots in the match, and Becky Lynch clearly appreciated her efforts despite that problem.

The Man sent out a tweet to state that Kairi Sane is truly a warrior. She wasn’t the only person to praise Sane’s efforts as their former manager, Paige also tweeted about the situation. Paige stated that she was proud of the ladies and claimed that Sane is a badass.

You can see some footage of Sane looking out of shape in the match below: