Becky Lynch vs Cris Cyborg – Why Not?

Becky Lynch vs Cyborg

Becky Lynch vs Cris Cyborg ( (2017)

“We live in the era of the super-fight, and it appears another may be brewing”. – Brock Lesnar responds to Jon “Bones” Jones’ Challenge ( (2017).

Fans of both UFC and WWE are witnessing one of the most bizarre, and perhaps, one of the most exciting times in each sports history. Both promotions are breaking down barriers by either joining forces or working with other promotions to create dream matches.

Last year, WWE allowed Brock Lesnar to compete at UFC 200, while UFC has allowed their champion Conor McGregor to box the undefeated Floyd Mayweather. If that was not enough, Brock Lesnar now looks set to return to the UFC, once again, to take on newly crowned UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Amidst all this chaos, and all of this booking of dream matches, another potential cross promotional match has gone unnoticed, Becky Lynch versus UFC champion Cris Cyborg.

Over the past few weeks, Becky Lynch and Cris Cyborg have gone back and forth on social media, challenging one another to a match. Cris Cyborg even sent out a tweet to Triple H after she became UFC featherweight champion at UFC 214. So in the “era of the super-fight”, this match may not only be possible, it may become a reality.

The Perfect Match

As far as the matchup goes, it is certainly ideal. Becky Lynch is the scrappy underdog of WWE, and Cyborg is almost the woman equivalent of Brock Lesnar. She has not lost a fight in 12 years and her name alone, strikes fear in the hearts of her opponents.

If the WWE built Cyborg up to be the monster she is, it would certainly give Becky a great opponent, and a great story to tell the WWE fans. As most outside stars are given the win in WWE, if Becky faces and loses to Cyborg, it will only have a positive effect on her career.

Both women are incredibly athletic and incredibly talented in their respective fields, so one would assume the pair will give an exciting match for the fans. Also, both women will increase their star power by performing in-front a new audience, while also collecting a big payday for wrestling in a match that will likely have the media’s undivided attention.

The only problem with Cyborg vs Becky is neither woman is a big box office attraction like McGregor and Lesnar. While mega-fights are seemingly being made day after day, the bottom line for every major company is money. If a Cris Cyborg v Becky Lynch match does not offer big business to UFC and WWE, it is likely; this matchup will only exist on Twitter.

WWE, UFC, and Boxing are seemingly closer than ever, as dream matches between the three sports are being discussed or made one after the other. So while Becky versus Cyborg looks unlikely, fans only have to look at recent events to know it is not impossible.

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