Becky Lynch On Ronda Rousey in WWE, Taking a Shot at Rousey’s WrestleMania ‘Sign Pointing’, Possible Facing Her


WWE Smackdown Live star Becky Lynch recently spoke with The Phoenix New Times and below are some interview highlights:

Recently, you kind of teased Ronda Rousey on Twitter about learning how to point correctly at the WrestleMania sign. What was that about?

[Laughs] That was more of a tease in general because there was so many pictures of just pointing. So I thought with all the pictures of pointing that I would post one. Like, “This is how you point.” I can’t go off of anything else so all I can do is go off on all the pointing. [Laughs]

What’s your opinion about the WWE bringing in Ronda Rousey?

So I think there’s a lot of good aspects, and I think that Ronda Rousey has obviously proven that she’s a superstar. Like, a colossal superstar. Before her, there were no women in the UFC. That’s remarkable. And she was an Olympian, and she brings in pay-per-view buys. There’s no doubt that she’s amazing.

I’m curious to see what she can do in a wrestling ring, because it’s a different kettle of fish. And, obviously, with UFC and with such an incredible history and being so accomplished in judo, she’s going to take up everything so easily. So it’s just going to be a matter of seeing how she does in this business.

I know she’s a huge wrestling fan so that’s always great, too. I think you learn better and you learn faster when you’re a fan because you know what it’s supposed to be and you’re able to emulate your heroes and stuff like that.

Do you want to face off against her in a match?

Of course, I would love to. There’s nobody that I wouldn’t want to either fight or wrestle. Any girl who comes in the door, I want to have a match with them and bring the best out of them and make a good, compelling story for our audience. There’s nobody I wouldn’t want to fight.

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