Being The Elite Ep. 100: “Finale” – Marty Scurll Leaves The Gang, Kenny Omega Kills “The Elite”, Is This The End?


Two years ago this May, The Young Bucks released a video called “Being The Elite”, featuring the tag team stars sitting in a car talking about their busy lives on the road. Since then, a simple concept has evolved into a million-dollar brand that has taken on some of the biggest names in professional wrestling, and even helped put a few up-and-coming careers on the map.

Today we celebrate nearly two years of BTE with their one hundredth episode, intriguingly and appropriately entitled “Finale”.

The episode opens on footage of Cody Rhodes’ battle with Kenny Omega at last weekend’s record-breaking ROH Supercard of Honor event in New Orleans, leading right up to the moment before the Young Bucks accidentally superkicked their (seemingly former) best friend before cutting to the title card.

We also got a humorous sketch on “Finale” that went back and looked at all the running gags that the show has come up with over the years. They even joked that “FTR” has stood for “F–k The Rocky Romero” all along, that The Revival isn’t relevant enough to make fun of anymore, and revealed that Marty Scurll was never actually able to freeze time. The segment ended with “The Villain” getting a phone call receiving a $5 million contract to become a pop sensation, but was forced to leave Being The Elite¬†as part of the deal.

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Hangman Page also seemingly murdered Joey Ryan in a Japanese hotel room, so there’s that…

The show approaches its end as The Young Bucks trying to explain their actions to Kenny Omega, insisting that they have been “Team Kenny” all along and finally coming to the realization that Cody has been manipulating the group for months. It may be too late for reconciliation however, as the six-star performer claimed that not only were the three of them no longer friends, but that The Elite is dead.

“Finale” fades to black with a victorious Cody Rhodes sitting alone in the Bullet Club locker room backstage, as the remaining members of the group – including Bury the Business Bear – one by one walked out on the “American Nightmare”. Not even Cody’s wife Brandi was there to provide moral support, after being taken to the hospital by Flip Gordon after she was put through a table at the hands (or knee, rather) of Omega.

Is this the end? Probably not.