Beretta Claims He Is A Better Wrestler Than Cody Rhodes, Challenges Him To IWGP United States Championship Match


During a backstage interview at New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Super Junior Tag League, Beretta claimed he is a better wrestler than Cody Rhodes.

“I got something that has been bothering me since 2010, when I was in a different company as a young boy”, Beretta revealed. “Cody Rhodes beat me on their TV show in about two minutes. It was eight years ago, and it has bothered me for eight years because I knew then and I know now that I am a better wrestler than Cody Rhodes. It’s that simple. Cody, United States Championship, I want a shot. That’s it.”

“So weird not to call you Cody Rhodes. I challenged you yesterday, I did it here and I did it on commentary, and I have no answer yet. I’m not going to stand here and talk sh** about your family or Stardust. I’m challenging you because I can beat you, and you’re supposed to be a fighting champion I think. I don’t really know what you are. Let’s say you’re a fighting champion. Cody, I’m right here.”

It is clear that Beretta is pushing for a match against Cody in the future in what could be his first major championship feud since defeating Juice Robinson for the title.