Beyond Wrestling Americanrana 2014 Results


beyond-wrestlingBeyond Wrestling Americanrana 2014
July 27, 2014
Providence, RI

Estimated Attendance: 400+ Sell out
Credit: Marcus Rivera and

Tons of crazy photos and vids at Drew Cordeiro’s FB page

1. *Tag Team Battle Royal*
Entrants Include:
-Milk Chocolate (Brandon Watts & Randy Summers)
-Da Hoodz (Davey Cash & Kris Pyro)
-Team Friendship (Scotty Slade & Mark Shurman)
-Third oLeg (Johnny Cockstrong & Usurper)
-Old Bucks (Will Noonan & RyDoon)
-EYFBO (Mike Draztik & Angel Ortiz)

Da Hoodz win after eliminating the team of Flawless & Lawless! They then demand that Tournament for Tomorrow 3 be a tag team tournament and they be entered first.

2. Fear and Loathing in New England (Aaron Epic & Dave Cole) def SEX+CANDY (Sugar Dunkerton & Pinkie Sanchez)
Fear and Loathing pick up the win when Cole low blowed Dunkerton & Epic rolled him up. Dunkerton wants Cole next month and Sanchez will challange Epic!

3.*Throw-In-The-Towel Match*
Anthony Stone with Natalya Stone def Nicholas Kaye with Myke Quest
Stone wins when he handcuffed Kaye to the top rope and brought a chainsaw in the ring and started it up. Kaye immediately threw the towel in & per the pre-match stip, he must now retire from Beyond Wrestling. Kaye was busted hard in the first few mins of the match.

4. Biff Busick vs ????
Originally it was Biff Busick vs Mike Bennett but Bennett pulled out. Biff issued an open challange & it was answered by 1/2 of the TNA World Tag Team Champs Eddie Edwards! Edwards wins via roll pin reversal. Mike Bennett appears after the match & spears Biff twice before hitting a sit out piledriver.

5. Brian Myers (formerly Curt Hawkins) def Ryan Rush
Myers picks up the win after a modified Paydirt/Rock Bottom combo.

6. Team TREMENDOUS (Dan Barry & Bill Carr) def Best Friends (Trent? & Chuck Taylor)
Barry picks up the win with a small package on Chuck Taylor. Trent Baretta may have either dislocated his kneecap or blew his knee out during a dive attempt to the outside. He was help to the back by Carr & Taylor.

7. First Blood: Jimmy Jacobs def Eric Corvis.
Jacobs picks up with win after the Coalition for Change distract Corvis & allow a returning Danny Only to cut Corvis’s neck, drawing blood. Corvis was beatdown by all 4 after & Jacobs spiked him in the head.

8. Tommaso Ciampa def Drew Gulak in a European Rules match
the rules are as follows: 10 rounds. 3 minutes each. 2 pinfalls, 2 submissions, or a knockout will win the match. Drew Gulak picked up a pin in the 3rd round via sunset flip. Ciampa picked up a KO in the 7th round to win the match.

9. Kimber Lee def Silver Ant (formerly Green Ant) via the Alligator Clutch.

10. Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) def Juicy Product (JT Dunn & David Starr)
As soon as the bell rung, JT Dunn superkicked the ref to mock TYB. Young Bucks win via More Bank for Your Buck. Scary moment saw Nick Jackson hurt his knee while attempting a springboard IndyTaker. Nick seemed ok after the match.

11. Michael Elgin def Chris Dickinson
Elgin picks up the win via Crippler Crossface as Dickinson passed out. Towards the end of the match, Jake interferred and put Elgin thru a table with a superfly splash. Dickinson and Jaka tried to suplex him thru another table but Elgin reversed it on them. Elgin says after the match that Dickinson kicked his shoulder out of place.