Big Cass Gets Punched by WWE Producer & Escorted Out of Indie Event by Police


New Jersey independent promotion WrestlePro said farewell to its founder Pat Buck this Saturday night in Rahway, as the veteran wrestler and trainer recently signed on with WWE as a producer. Unfortunately, a series of heated moments with an out-of-control talent ruined what should have been a wonderful evening for all those involved.

According to numerous sources including a detailed report from, 33-year-old William Morrissey, better known as Big Cass during his run in WWE, had to be escorted out of the venue by local police officers after causing a scene in the locker room throughout the evening.

Morrissey was not announced for the WrestlePro event, but was instead brought in as a surprise for a battle royal. He reportedly got into it with Joey Janela, possibly looking for a physical altercation, and may have even slapped the AEW star in the face at one point.

There were also multiple reports that Morrissey, once a popular WWE act alongside the eternally controversial Enzo Amore, later on began yelling at various members of the locker room, accusing them of stealing his possessions. Things got so bad that Janela and Dan Maff were moved to an isolated room in order to work on their match taking place later on the show.

In the end, Morrissey ended up in a room with Pat Buck and members of SoCal Uncensored, and began accusing them as well. Allegedly, this led to Buck taking him down with a single punch, as he was “backed against a wall” and had no other options given the situation. Local police then escorted him out of the building, and according to multiple fans at the venue, was eventually taken to the hospital in an ambulance.