Big Cass Reportedly in “Hot Water” After Blatantly Ignoring Orders From WWE Officials & Vince McMahon


Last week on Smackdown Live, Big Cass beat down a little person dressed as Daniel Bryan, in a segment building up their singles match at WWE Backlash. According to Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, during the scripted assault Cass not only broke a direct order from backstage officials, but also blatantly defied Vince McMahon in the process.

Apparently, the seven-footer was supposed to hit the ring last Tuesday night, introduce the fake Daniel Bryan, and after cutting a promo drop the little person with a big boot. Cass allegedly thought the segment didn’t have enough sauce on its own, but was denied by officials when he asked to continue the beating beyond the one move. He then went directly to Mr. McMahon to ask permission, but was once again turned down.

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During the segment, Cass did hit the big boot as instructed, but then went off-scripted to rain down on “Bryan” with a series of mounted punches. According to Satin, backstage officials were not happy about the deliberate disobedience, especially considering he asked for permission beforehand and was explicitly told to stick to the plan, and has found himself in “hot water” with the powers-that-be.

When WWE uploaded the segment to YouTube, as seen above, they cut out the footage after Big Cass delivered the big boot. While this is purely speculation, he wasn’t seen on Smackdown Live at all this week.