Big Show Returns to Action, WWE NXT Diva Changes Her Look, More


– It was announced before last night’s WWE live event in Oakland that John Cena would not be able to make it. Justin Roberts offered refunds to fans.

This led to Big Show making his return to the ring. He defeated Rob Van Dam, Ryback, Justin Gabriel, Curtis Axel, Mark Henry, Wade Barrett, Christian, The Usos, The Miz and The Shield in a battle royal to earn a shot at Alberto Del Rio later on. Show ended up beating Del Rio by DQ when Del Rio used a steel chair.

Other matches of note from last night’s live event saw Kane beat Luke Harper by DQ and Rob Van Dam beat Ryback. Kane vs. Harper was described as a very boring match and Ryback vs. RVD was described as a solid match.

– Irish women’s wrestler Rebecca Quin, formerly known as Rebecca Knox and signed to a WWE NXT deal, has changed her hair color. This has led to fans speculating that she’s coming to the main roster with Sheamus. She tweeted:

“Now comes in #ginger. Creating a new breed… #Quinger”

Rebecca Quin red hair

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  1. Refunds just because John Cena wasn’t there? I guess we know who’s the true main guy in WWE. God knows WWE might be no more if Cena died

    • they would be fine cena has been gone before on injury and nothing changed, they offered refunds because he was advertised they have done it with other guys too.

      • Just saying it makes all the other guys who actually showed up look bad. I bet they even offered refunds to people who bought Cena gear that night too. Makes Cena look bad also (that’s not hard to do though), it’s not like he drives himself


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