Big Show Rides in Ambulance with Dusty Rhodes, Cody & Goldust React to Angle


– WWE posted the following backstage footage of The Big Show with Dusty Rhodes in an ambulance after Show knocked out Rhodes on tonight’s Raw episode.

– Cody Rhodes commented on Big Show knocking out his father at the insistence of Stephanie McMahon, writing on Twitter, “Cowards. #WatchThemAllFall”

– Goldust also commented on the angle, writing on Twitter, “Talked to pop. He’s gonna be ok. Sick to my stomach @wwe”

Goldust also told, “Steph, you crossed the line. Triple H, you crossed the line. You won’t see me comin’. You won’t see Cody comin’. You’re all gonna fall.”

Rare Photo of The Undertaker Before He Was The Undertaker….


    • I think you mean The Texas Outlaws. The Blackjacks were Lanza & Mulligan. Mulligan being Barry & Kendall Windham’s Father and if I remember correctly Lanza is JBL’s uncle.

      • If another veteran that never been in WWe Tommy Wild Fire Rich another Friend of Dusty Rhodes gave us the best Matches during the 80s Who remember Rich against Buzz Sawyer.

        • Rich vs. Sawyer is the defintion of a bloody fued. I miss those days of wrestling. I wish they would add some more of those old guys to the Hall of Fame since they own all of that old footage.

          • Rich i have never seen in WWE Sawyer and Gary Hart one time show Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer and Tommy Rich was and still considered the best matches of the 80s Who remembers Carlos Colon and Abdula the Butcher or the Freebirds against the Van Ericks The Bloodiest Match I seen was when Abdula beat Scott Casey so bad that got carried out of the stretcher and Abdula kept pulling him out of the stretcher. Only resently I saw the same when Bully Ray did the same to Mr Anderson.

          • No Rich never made it to WWE. He was in ECW before it folded but to me it was embarassing to see him in that clown role. I saw Dusty vs. Abdullah in the mid 80’s here in Florida and it was awsome. Front row watching Abdullah gouge Dusty’s bloody forehead with one of his many foriegn objects. Oh for the days when you could go watch wrestling and not have to worry about morons with signs and the loudest person was always some little old lady screaming for blood.

          • Here in Mid South saw Sweet Bob Sweetagn Mr Piledriver and Erick Embry Fabulous Blonds against Geno Hernandez and Talley Blancherd real good match and bouth teams join together when the New Zealan Sheephorders (bushwackere)got involve real good and bloody Match and in Wold class Wrestling Bruser Brody against Stan Hansan wow it blow my mind when i saw it on Tv Hansan hang Brody an refuse to let go

          • When I was about 12 or 13 I was walking through the Charlotte airport with my grandmother and passed The Sheephearders going the other way. This was well before McMahon turned them into the joke known as the Bushwhackers. I remember thinking how in the world can these two insane blood thirsty monsters walk through an airport like normal people. I thought about asking for an autograph but was too chicken.

          • few days Luke was answering forams here and he answer me i ask who was the one that manage them during the mid south era an he answered me the one that put the claw an Joe Blancherd owner and father of telley he was real polite and told me that i brought good memories been a fan for over 30 yrs and he was one of the few i still remember from that age

          • Gino and Tully’s tag team predates me, but I’ve always heard spectacular things about them.

  1. I know it’s a storyline but even when Big Show saw in writing that he had to punch 67 year old Dusty even he felt like it was dumb. WWE likes dumb things, like when Punk made fun of Lawler’s heart attack, that was a low blow

      • The Midnight Rider was pre WCW and he used the gimmick a few times, once in Georgia when he was suspended for trying to break one of the Anderson’s leg and once in Florida when he lost a loser leaves town match against Kevin Sullivan. He even beat Ric Flair for the title as The Midnight Rider but was stripped when he refused to take the mask off and revel his true identity. I believe he used it at least one other time maybe in Mid-South but I’m not 100% sure on that.

      • I would love to see them reach way back to do something like that with this story line but I’m a nostalgic old fart and I’m sure it would be lost on most of today’s fans. They could also put both Cody & Dustin in black masks and long black dusters and call them The James Boys like Dusty and Magnum TA did once.

        • Hell yea and a Mystery partner Stone Cold Steve Austin in a Mask leading them But they need an old timer that can still get down only one fits here is Shawn Michels but his gots his head on his ass he never go against Vince

          • Years ago I thought the Midnight Rider angle would have been ideal to bring back Steve Austin. It was when Austin had been out for a while and DX was acting like true heels. They threw Golddust into some elctronics and sparks flew everywhere. I thought they should have had Golddust go for some extreme revenge and get suspended and don the black mask for a while and set up a match with HHH who was champ with everyone so positve it was Golddust then have Golddust come out in the middle of the match to distract HHH then turn around for a stunner and pin then Austin taking off the mask. I think Austin & Goldust are close enough in size that if he wrestled in a duster with jeans it would have hidden his physique enough that it might have worked.

          • It be perfect for this angle know Austin says he healty enough to come back and perfect sub for dusty and better yet a Texan with an attitude towards authority and will make there fued go back yrs for HHH and Goldust but he needs to go back to Dustin Runnels Rhodes drop that image and comeout like in WCW with the outlaw coats both him and cody and add Bryan to the Mix he already got the Beard sorry looks and the Wyatts family


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