Big Update On Sasha Banks’ Injury Status, Is WWE Crown Jewel Still Taking Place Amidst Saudi Arabia Tensions?


According to, despite current United States and Saudi Arabia tensions, the planned WWE Crown Jewel event on November 2nd is still scheduled to take place.

As noted, the belief backstage in WWE is that numerous talents are not looking forward to making the trip to Saudi Arabia given the events of the past week, and WWE is still considering backup plans in case relations between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia worsen, forcing WWE to cancel the event.

Big Update On Sasha Banks’ Injury Status

After being pulled from action due to an undisclosed injury back in September, PWInsider is reporting Sasha Banks has been cleared to return to the ring and should be back on the road with WWE next week.

We previously reported that Banks is scheduled for the October 20th WWE Raw Live Event in Portland, Maine, and all indications at this time are that she will be a go for the WWE Evolution PPV on October 28th.