Big WWE Feud Discussed, Update on The Undertaker’s Health

– There is still no official word on The Undertaker’s status for WrestleMania 29. Right now the plan is Taker vs. CM punk until he says he’s not doing the show. There is no commitment right now that he will do the show. Friends of his are hoping that he won’t wrestle this year as his hip and shoulder are giving him problems.

No word yet on what CM Punk may do if Taker doesn’t wrestle but speculation is a singles match with Ryback, which would change his plans, or a spot in the John Cena vs. The Rock WWE Title match.

– Word is that one of the bigger feuds this coming summer and fall will be Punk vs. Brock Lesnar, which could suggest that Brock is turning babyface eventually.

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  • Shawn

    i couldn’t watch another Punk vs Ryback match, especially at WM. that would be another repeat match on a expensive ppv. they should add him to the WWE championship match or have him feud with a top star.

    • allan

      ya but if there gnna keep pushing ryback its best if he wrks with someone who can help him and make him look good. personally i dont get ryback ,he wouldnt last 2 months 5 years ago. dude was in ovw for 6 years…slowwww progress . waste of time, not special. wwe shouldnt waste time making stars and just find them

    • I predict this is exactly what is going to end up happening. WM29 triple thret match for the WWE title

    • allan mccann

      They should put a guy who’s pretty much the world title match….wow

  • Andy Thompson

    i dont think it owuld be fair for him getting involved in the title match as cena would rumble fair and square. so it should be 1on1 match and also cena is expected to win the title this punk may get jealous. As for punk vs lesnar maybe the angle maybe that lesnar or punk gets jealous of the relationship involving Paul Heyman so it could be punk vs Lesnar with Heyman as special guest referee making heyman choose which is best paul heyman guy

  • Andy Thompson

    if taker does decide to face punk i think it would be him costing punk the title match and elimination chamber match or taker been 1 of the 6 in smackdown chamber match punk costing taker but it more likely be taker costing punk if that match came off

  • Undertaker is my favorite wrestler of all time, there is nothing wrong with hanging it up because he does not owe us anything, or anyone for that matter, but if he does I will be the first person excited for the match.

  • Rob Damovieguy

    Taker has been at this game for. a long long time, and no he don’t have anything more to prove, but if he does work Wrestlemania, he needs to work with an A-Lister that will allow him to take his leave for one year. One suggestion would put him in a match with Brock Lesnar, a man he has never beaten at WM and that would put the “streak” in jeopardy, a second bonafide choice would be The Big Show, someone he always had good matches with and it would be a rematch from an earlier WM, and lastly since he also just came back, a rematch with his WM 18 opponent, the main event, a match with Mark Henry.

    • John

      His WM 18 opponent was Ric Flair

  • I hoped Undertaker had shown up in the rumble match and won, that would lead to a true dream match against the rock at WM29 unfortunately this didn’t happen but I just don’t understand how this opportunity to put them both together at last was totally neglected in favour of last years rematch…I’m so hating cena vs rock right now :/

  • captainbuck

    It’ll be Undertaker vs Punk in a Submission Only match.

  • chances are he wont wrestle this year. he’s 20-0, wrestled almost all the wrestlemanias last decade with no break. he needs a break. It would be a cool surprise last minute unannounced match at wrestlemania, with punk crying about how he’s the best in the world, he should have a wrestlemania opponent, and yet he doesnt have one, then lights go out, taker comes out and match is announced right there. NOW THAT would be a great wrestlemania moment

  • I have always been a HUGE Taker fan, but as much as I would love to see him in the ring, for health reasons he should just retire so he can live out the rest of his life on top!!

  • david bruno

    how about this a triple threat with punk,the belt goes to cena.then have ziggler come in and steal the show.mitb cashed in good way to end i could not stand a title with cena again.

  • Bill Linden

    have taker come back and tombstone this fandango crap straight to hell RIP fandumbo

  • WM30 Brock vs Undertaker face vs face, end of match, both retire.
    WM29 Rock vs Cena -sucks. What happen to once in a life time?. They will let Cena win because he is the face of the WWE and the Rock wont stay around.

    • Dave Humphrey

      yes i agree with that is supposed to happen unless cena gets any serious injuires during or after the match they have cena winning but dont know when but there will be 3rd and last match as that would make it 1-1

  • David

    Best outcome.

    Taker defeats Punk
    Triple H defeats Brock
    Rock defeats cena.

  • David