Bill DeMott Accused Of Covering Up Sexual Harassment Claims

The charges and allegations against former WWE Developmental head trainer Bill DeMott continue to grow in a new recent report by The Washington Post. DeMott resigned from the WWE yesterday, but denied the allegations against him.

In addition, the report details alleged accounts of sexual harassment against female WWE developmental wrestlers that were originally posted on Reddit by an anonymous wrestler who participated in the WWE Developmental program. DeMott is being accused of reinforcing a culture where women were scared to speak up regarding sexual harassment or they would be let go if they did. The story was reportedly verified by the site’s moderators. You can read her account below:

First, please understand that it is of the utmost importance that I maintain my anonymity, and hopefully by the end of this you will understand why. I have told some of my story to a reporter, but it seems that unfortunately they were yet another outlet who has been told not to touch this story. Please bear with me as I’ve never used Reddit before.

To be honest, I’m not really sure where to start. In developmental, Bill scared us so much that it made us ashamed and scared to speak up about anything. The abusive environment was so hard to operate within, but that fear is very hard to leave behind. The few people who have come forward have alluded to some of what I want to talk about, but understand that this is a harder story to tell. The former divas who have spoken out against the instances of sexual harassment have been punished, up to and including being fired in a demonstration of the power Bill has. When our only female advocate in talent relations tried to speak up, she was removed from the position and sent to work in the office. Now that the conversation has been restarted, it’s been made known that she is no longer with the company. At any level, women who speak up for themselves are disposable. When rumors about their departures make it out, they’re immediately buried and become yesterday’s news, but believe me – it’s true.

One such instance that has been mentioned by Judas Devlin (Austin Matelson) is the complaint of harassment against Matt Wichlinkski, the current Strength and Conditioning coach. I have attached screencaps of one such photo that he posted alongside his WWE contract. When he was caught filming/taking photos of talent’s backsides, it was brought to their attention. Some of the male talent attempted to stick up for the developmental divas and help catch him in the act (again, the fear instilled into us made it very hard to say anything), but when it was presented to Bill it was made very clear that he was not going anywhere, and any further complaints would result in dismissal because there a million girls ready to step in and take our place. In all instances of complaining about sexual harassment (including those outside of this incident), women have been forced out of the company. After one of the talents’ dismissal, when we couldn’t figure out where she went, we were told “if you go over my head, ask HER how well that works.”

This isn’t to specifically go after Wichlinski, but rather to make sure that people understand that Bill DeMott is a problem, and everything else trickles down from there. It’s been made very clear, from the removal Rob McIntyre and to the firing of at least two divas (I won’t name names as theirs is their own story to tell, but if you’ve paid attention to rumors it’s very easy to put two and two together) to numerous male talents, some of whom will not come forward, that if you use your voice against Bill you will be removed. The day after Rob told all of us in a group setting that if we had any concerns about Bill we should call the office, he was fired.

The fact is that anyone who has spoken out, including myself, are only exposing what is the tip of the iceberg. Bill has been guilty of gay-shaming, physical, mental, and racial abuse for far too long, and something needs to come to light. The stories coming out are heartbreaking, but what’s worse is that we all knew about them. Bill would openly mock Judas during training sessions for writing and going above his head, and would encourage other “chosen” talent to do so as well. His patterns of abuse are well established, and I can only hope that more can come forward so people see that this isn’t just a vendetta from “bitter” wrestlers. Bill DeMott is a monster, and we need to start asking why he’s being protected when the evidence has been piling up against him for so long.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story. Again, I can only hope this inspires more people to come forward. Hopefully I can provide more information in the future.

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