Bill Goldberg Responds to Reports, Antonio Cesaro in WWE2K14


– 2K Sports has announced that Antonio Cesaro will be playable character for the upcoming WWE2K14 video game. Here are some screenshots from the game:

Screenshots of Antonio Cesaro in WWE2K14 1

Screenshots of Antonio Cesaro in WWE2K14 2

– When Bill Goldberg was asked on Twitter whether the reports of him returning to the WWE were legitimate, he simply wrote “nope.”


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      • WWe has been in the toilet since the “PG-era”. Notice how the 3 hour RAW is LOADED with sponsorship..Business wise it pays the bills, otherwise it crap now..

        • I haven’t seen any thing bad since the Miz era that was bad. It is higher than you think. This so called PG Era is just because everyone doesn’t want to see a bobble head go to the middle of the ring drink beer give the finger and say what that so not cool!!! and if that’s PG 13 or what have you missed during the PG era that you Missed during the Attitude Era? Screw it lets go back to the Hogan Era there was nothing bad it was G. And the Hogan Era Rocked! Oh they have always been sponsored. So there is holes in your logic why are you mad at the WWE. They have made it so they could have more matches and expect to have Smackdown to have 3 hours soon too.

  1. Goldberg needs to come in wwe and destroy ryback. Hell I will take batista or even matt morgan. I really don’t care who does it as long as somebody does real soon

    • Goldberg is a joke Batista is a joke Matt Morgan don’t make me laff. I agree with you Ryback needs to be stopped. Ryback is probably the stupidest act next to the Fandango dance. But I think the only thing that gonna stop Ryback is going to be Rey Mysterio or Someone who jumps from his team which would be Jack Swagger. Goldberg cant take out Mark Henry or even Big Show.

  2. Why does he need to go come back? So he can kick someone in the head and end their career like he did to Bret Hart? He had no talent, spear then jackhammer was only spot he could run, he has a grudge on wwe cause he wasn’t booked the same as he was in WCW, they actually wanted him to work matches and not do squashes all the time, he was a terrible worker and unsafe in the ring but got his butt whooped backstage by a Chris Jericho lol

  3. stay retired forever when he hurt bret hart he didn’t even say sorry he had every excuse under the sun ,so it wouldn’t be his fault

  4. Why are some people upset at Hart getting hurt? Accidents happen people. What if Hart was hit by a car, would the car need to say it was sorry? Goldberg has his own money and doesn’t need WWE’s. If he came back what would they do, Goldberg vs Lesnar 2? That was 1 of the worst matches in WWE history.


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