Bischoff Comments on Morgan’s Departure, Big O Reacts to Gut Check

– Embedded in the video below, The Big O reacts being eliminated from TNA’s Gut Check Challenge.

– Eric Bischoff commented on Matt Morgan’s TNA departure, writing on Twitter, “@BPmattmorgan is a talented, passionate performer and athlete who is going to be a success in whatever he pursues. Enjoyed working with him.”

What Hulk Hogan Normally Says in TNA Chart….


    ya cause eric knows talent…and as for big o, he deserves to be elimanated, he sucked and still has another 5-7 years till hes even at that level if at all.

    • Idolizer

      B****-cough… I mean… Bischoff knows 1/10th of the promotional genius power it takes to make a wrestling show important. This is why Vince owns WCW, ECW, and is THE promotional genius of modern television. As far as the Big O goes… looks like a chump, acts like a chump… anyone that says “get outta my ozone layer” or whatever the hell he says, is a fetal mistake. I feel bad for his mother.