Bisping: No One WIll Give A [email protected]#& about Belchar After UFC 159


Middleweight contenders Michael Bisping and Alan Belchar will square off against each other this weekend at UFC 159 and in the lead up to their bout have not held back on sharing their thoughts on each other.

Bisping continued the war of words at the pre-fight press conference this week, giving Belchar credit for his verbal effort, but letting him know what he thinks will happen:

“Alan Belcher, he’s trying to take a page out of my book or he’s trying to be Chael Sonnen. He’s being someone very, very different for this fight. I’m not quite sure I understand it. He’s trying to be all vocal, making video blogs and doing this and that, and he’s trying to convince himself he’s going to win the fight.

The reality of the situation is that his last fight he lost against Yushin Okami. Prior to that he was on a four-fight win streak. Now he’s coming off a loss and he’s co-main event. When he fought Yushin Okami he was a mid-card fighter, but now he’s fighting me and he’s co-main event. So, he’s trying to make the most out of the limelight.

I commend him for that, because after this fight no one’s going to give a shit about him. No one’s going to watch him. No one’s going to watch his stupid jiu-jitsu videos or go to his cocky little gym in the middle of nowhere. Good for him, he’s making the most out of a good situation.”

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