Blood, Urine, and the Machine


Welcome to part one a special double post by the Machine! Part one will be my top 5 for the wonderful month of August. A lot has changed since July as far as story lines go so ittl be interesting to see the turn over from this month to last month. Here is the list from July:

5. Chris Jericho

4. Dean Ambrose

3. Seth Rollins

2. John Cena

1. Roman Reigns.

Now onto the main event: The list of the Machine’s hottest superstars for the month of August:


5. Brock Lesnar: The only reason the Genetic Anomaly is not higher on the list is because he has only worked one match this month. However, his overall presence is as it should be: and unbeatable monster. Because of that, and the dominant 16 suplex performance at Summerslam in which he won the wwe title and squashed John Cena, Brock is as hot now as he ever has been.


4. Dean Ambrose: Coming in at number 4 for the second month in a row is the Anarchist of wwe. Ambrose has taken the lunatic fringe character and turned himself into one of the most over babyfaces in the entire company. Ambrose shows that the wwe audience will always love a rebel badass who creates chaos. And we tend to love chaos.


3. Seth Rollins: So as you guys have figured out by now, I kinda sorta like Seth Rollins. But continuing to be booked as one of the top heels on the show, having great matches, and beating Dean Ambrose three times in a month definitely gives him validation at the number three spot two months running. With Ambrose and Rollins, if wwe can continue to book them both correctly, they have their main eventers for years to come in my view.

2. Randy Orton: The month of August saw the master of the RKO return to what made him one of the best ever. His violent streak and evil dark persona were re introduced to the wwe with his systematic beatdowns of Roman Reigns. He also put on a wrestling clinic with the powerhouse at Summerslam. Even though he lost, it was the freshest Randy has seemed in the ring in months. He has recently reminded me why I am a long time fan of the Viper.

1. John Cena: As a member of the IWC, it almost pains me to give John Cena the top spot. However, upon thinking about the last month, Cena is clearly the obvious choice. Cena had some very strong showings in the ring. His match with Cesaro a few weeks back stands out in my mind. more importantly however, his promos during the feud with Brock Lesnar leading up to Summerslam have been some of his best mike work ever, which is saying something. The passionate wwe champion vs. the unbeatable monster was the perfect build to the Summerslam main event. Even though John Cena was dominated in the match, it made for an unforgettable match that will live on in ┬áSummerslam main event history and was the perfect cap to the doctor of thuganomics’ month.

Well, There you have it, Another accomplishment for John Cena. toping the Machine’s “fav” five is up there with wining the wwe strap 15 times, or being a part of the Fred movies.




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