Bobby Ocean: New School Talent with Old School Soul

NEFW LogoNew England Frontier Wrestling is a professional wrestling company striving on bringing the best family-friendly entertainment. While delivering great matches and high energy atmosphere for its fans and employees across the New England Area. New England Frontier Wrestling have produce great performers such as JT Dunn recent winner of the Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow, Jeremy Leary, AJ Cruise, Biff Busick and many more. One NEFW Superstar whom stood out among everyone is the current New England Frontier Wrestling Revolution Heavyweight Champion Bobby Ocean. Bobby Ocean has trained with various organizations such as Ring of Honor, Jason Knights House of Pain and once competed in TNA’s Gut Check Seminar.  Bobby Ocean has a tremendous upside to his ability and knowledge of the wrestling industry.   Bobby Ocean had an amazing journey to become a professional wrestler, inspiring many younger talents to look upon Bobby Ocean as a shining example of what hard work and dedication can do if you pursue your dreams.

I had the honor of speaking with NEFW Revolution Heavyweight Champion Bobby Ocean to discuss the beginnings of his career, discuss his experiences trying out for TNA and Ring of Honor. Finally discuss the upcoming NEFW’s Nutcracker Brawl 2 taking place on December 7th, 2013.


1). Bobby what inspired you to get involved in the wrestling industry? Where did you go to receive your training to become a professional wrestler?Bobby Ocean

Bobby Ocean: “I was inspired by watching Macho Man Randy Savage face off against The Nature Boy Ric Flair at Mid-Hudson Civic Center. I was also a huge fan of Extreme Championship Wrestling, the promotion was something fresh and different there hardcore style was very in your face and smash mouth.  I attended the Jason Knight House of Pain DOJO right around the age of 14. I recall my training experience being nervous, scared but excited to learn much as possible. I wanted to learn how to run the ropes, which I didn’t so well at the beginning, and learn the basic techniques of taking a proper bumps inside the ring. I took at least 100 bumps or more a day which was physically demanding for a teenager at age 15. I went to school and several of my classmates are wondering what happened to you because I was always sore and exhausted”.


2). Bobby you competed for various Indy Wrestling Organizations such as Big Time Wrestling, Connecticut Wrestling Entertainment, Tope Rope Promotion and currently New England Frontier Wrestling, which wrestling organization is the toughest in terms of locker room and crowd reaction?

Bobby Ocean: “Every locker room and crowd is different.  Big Time Wrestling has a big production, guys were getting the opportunity to wrestle different people from different parts of the country such as Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, and South Carolina. Big Time Wrestling crowds are tough because they simply want wrestling, but overall no crowd is easy but difficult to win over. Example: Two high flyers, whom leaves everything inside the ring, perform at the highest level but did not sell their moves no in ring psychology and leak of storytelling, but the crowd love the action and expects the competitors in the next match to basically kill each other, leaving not much for the other match. I try to make my matches different each time, so fans can appreciate my matches and understand the story being told right in front of them. The fans need to remember not only the moves you perform inside the ring but also the story being told”.


3). Bobby tell us about your experience competing in the TNA Gut Check Program?

Bobby Ocean: “I participated in TNA’s Gut Check Program before it went national right around May of 2010 in New York. The seminar was conducted by Jeff Jarrett, it was a great experience training alongside a legend such as himself. We went through the seminar and towards the end, officials stated they are going call for tryouts. I received an email from TNA stating, “The competitors receiving the most votes will get a contract”. I completely disagree with that particular method, the tryouts should be based on your talent, not on getting the most votes like American Idol. I was not thrilled nor excited about these method. I like the old school way of scouting and recruiting for the best talent for your organization”.


4). Bobby according to your Facebook page you participated in Ring of Honors Seminar/Tryout in 2012. What happened during your ROH Tryout/Seminar?

Bobby Ocean: “I highly recommend for any young wrestler, please attend the Ring of Honor Seminar/Tryouts. My experience during the course of the two day tryouts were tremendous, they worked on character development, promo training, positioning, timing, drills and weight training. The trainers in attendance were Brutal Bob Evans, Mike Mondo, Kevin Kelly, Jay Lethal and Delirious. Brutal Bob Evans worked on character development and in ring technique and Brutal Bob Evan is a very tough individual. Kevin Kelly was great to work with on promo training and very professional. The day experience was physically demanding but you’ll receive direct critique from the trainers.  Day 1: I was extremely nervous, there were about 30 to 40 guys, separated into two groups, perform basic drills. Afterwards, we got inside the ring and wrestled at least 15 to 20 matches. Day 2: basically the same as Day 1 (Matches/Promos), I was still nervous but soon became relax and comfortable, nothing came out of the Ring of Honor Seminar/Tryout. Brutal Bob Evan and Kevin Kelly gave some great advice and encourage me to keep pushing forward”.


5). Bobby you defeated Chris Battle, Furio Falcone, and JT Dunn to become the New NEFW Revolution Heavyweight Champion, making JT Dunn passed out. Describe your emotion after winning the championship.

Bobby Ocean 2Bobby Ocean: “I tried very hard not to cry. I sacrificed a lot, putting my family and friends on the back burner to pursue my dreams. I appreciate this business and everything it’s done. I told Jason Knight it feels weird walking into the locker room and everyone addresses you as “Sir” asking for feedback on their matches. It’s an unreal experience, I’m just simply one of those guys trying to help out our younger guys by providing honest criticism and showing them how to conduct themselves inside the ring and outside the ring. I had wrestling fans approached me on several occasion wondering why I’m not the World Heavyweight Champion and threaten not to return to another show. I’m extremely humble and thankful for me fans but it’s not about Bobby Ocean it’s about everyone else in the locker room whom bust their butt on a night in and night out bases to entertain the crowd. Now winning the NEFW Revolution Heavyweight Championship was phenomenal, never during my 14 year career I been called a heavyweight champion it’s an unreal experience. Chris Battle, Furio Falcone and JT Dunn are three incredible competitors whom brought out the best in Bobby Ocean”.


6). NEFW will have Nutcrackers Brawl 2 on December 7th, 2013, as of this interview your opponent have not been announce. Whom would you rather face at Nutcrackers Brawl 2?

Bobby Ocean: “A couple days ago, I spoken with NEFW officials about my role and how they want me involve with the Nutcracker Brawl 2 event. I promise I will be involve in some fashion. I would like to face Brian XO, because I really enjoy is style, he currently part of Urban Wrestling Federation and just started the House of Glory Professional Wrestling School in Brooklyn, New York with my good friend Amazing Red. I have a great relationship with Brian and Amazing Red two tremendous competitors. I do not want to just defend my championship just against guys from different promotion such as Ring of Honor but defend my championship against guys in our locker room who deserve a shot because I will not always be around forever”.


Special Note as of 11/25/2013 Bobby Ocean will be involved in Past, Present and Future 4 Way Match: Bobby Ocean vs. Biff Busick vs. Anthony Gangone vs. Joe Perez.


7). Bobby with the matches currently announce for Nutcrackers Brawls 2, what match you look forward to seeing at the event?

0_0_0_0_666_229_csupload_62314867Bobby Ocean: “I’m looking forward to two matches: JT Dunn vs. Ring of Honor’s Michael Bennett and of course the Main Event War Games: Team NEFW vs. Team Defiant, Inc. Just imagine how weird and exciting War Games will be with one ring and one steel cage it will be tremendous”.


8). What should wrestling fans expect from Bobby Ocean in 2014?

Bobby Ocean: “People should expect a lot this coming New Year. I will be competing hopefully in new wrestling promotions, capitalizing on possible TV gigs. I remember Ring of Honor’s Kevin Kelly stated “It’s time to make something happen and go to the next level”. I looking to go international, I been having conversation with the Zero 1 Promotion in Japan for the last year and half about attending their DOJO which would require training and living there in Japan. My good friend RJ Brewer approached me and stated the Zero 1 Promotion will be good fit, and he help establish communication between myself and the point of contact over in Japan regarding the Zero 1 DOJO. I hoping to learn more this coming New Year”.


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