Bobby Roode & His Wrestlemania Moment

Bobby Roode makes his entrance at Takeover

Bobby Roode makes his entrance

It’s very rare that a superstar, who does not have an opponent or feud in place for Wrestlemania, is already set to have a huge Wrestlemania moment. This is very rare because not every superstar has the good fortune of having Bobby Roode’s incredible ‘Glorious’ theme song.

From the moment Bobby Roode made his WWE debut at NXT in 2016, his theme song has become as popular, and if not more popular than him. It became a big hit on social media, as pages such as Wrestling Memes sung its praises.

The legend of Bobby Roode’s glorious theme was cemented at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn (2016) when almost fifteen-thousand people sang in-unison: “Glorious. No, I won’t give in; I won’t give in ‘Till I’m victorious. And I will defend, I will defend”.

It was an incredible sight. Add in Bobby Roode’s fancy robe, his incredible swagger, and the spectacular lighting. It was a recipe for success. All of this just had everyone picturing, dreaming about the day Bobby Roode walks out at Wrestlemania. The grandest stage of them all is almost guaranteed to have over seventy-thousand fans, and with a large portion of those fans being the die-hard wrestling fans, everybody should expect one of the greatest Wrestlemania entrances of all time.

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There is almost no room for debate. It is a moment waiting to happen. Over seventy-thousand fans singing, Bobby Roode’s theme song as he makes his way down the long ramp at Wrestlemania. While it may sound almost comical that Roode’s entrance may be one of his greatest moments, it simply shows what a great theme song can do.

The Perfect Combination

As good as the Glorious theme is – it would mean very little if Bobby Roode did not have the talent to carry the weight of such an incredible song. Roode’s charisma and in-ring ability are second to none, and he has proven that on the grand stage of NXT. He also gave Nakamura one his best WWE matches at Takeover: San Antonio. Roode has the fan support, and that is why he is the perfect superstar to be called “Glorious!”

What match will Roode be a part of at Wrestlemania? One can only speculate. However, one thing is for certain; everyone will remember the moment Bobby Roode debuted at Wrestlemania.