Booker T on Lio Rush’s Heat in WWE: “Get Your Game Right”


Booker T has commented on the Lio Rush situation in WWE. Booker’s comments came on a recent episode of his Reality of Wresting podcast, where he addressed Lio’s heat within Vince McMahon’s company. According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Rush is supposedly unhappy with his place in the WWE pecking order and feels he should have a bigger spotlight on Monday Night Raw.

Booker T seemed perplexed that Lio would have anything negative to say about his current role in the company, considering how he’s been utilized over the past several months.

“A guy like this, he’s been in a good position; working with Bobby Lashley. It seemed like you would be on top of the world in that position on the pay-per-views and whatnot. But sometimes you can start believing in your own press clippings.”

The former five-time WCW champion and two-time WWE Hall of Famer also suggested that Rush should be working inside the system and worrying less “about what the endgame is.”

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Booker T did have words of praise for Rush, who he believes has a bright future ahead of him.

“I do hope the brother can get the heat off of him because he’s very talented. He’s a great talker, as well as he’s a great worker. The cruiserweights man, there’s a division there for this guy. There’s money there for this guy to be making for a long time. Hopefully the heat can melt away and Lio Rush can get back in the game, because right now he’s sitting on the sidelines. Lio! Get your game right!”

Rush has not been seen on Monday Night Raw, where he usually accompanied Bobby Lashley to the ring and in backstage segments. There is no word as to whether or not Lio will continue on with WWE, or if this situation could lead to his eventual departure.