Booker T On nWo Almost Killing The Business, Being Invited To Join The Group & WCW’s End


Booker T was a guest on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast this week and he discussed the impact that nWo had on the business and WCW’s demise. Below are some highlights of the interview.

nWo Almost Killing The Business

“If these young guys only knew what Sgt. Slaughter had to go through when he turned on America, that’s what for me the heel role was endeared. I wanted to make them truly despise me. I will tell a story, my first match in Canada, I had a match with Kevin Nash, the people loved him, he was meant to be the heel. He went out and gave everyone the nWo kiss sign and I came out and they booed me, that’s when I knew the nWo almost ruined the business as far as bad guys and good guys, you don’t want to mess that up.”

Being Invited To Join The Group

“They (WWE) knew how to work it properly instead of WCW who slipped on a banana peel. It morphed into something where it got out of control, I don’t know how many versions of them there was. I tell you, Kevin Nash came to me and was like ‘this is getting real hot, we need some color bro. He goes, we want to bring you in and I go thanks but no thanks, I am a solo act man.’ Everyone was coming out to nWo music, it was ridiculous.”

WCW’s Demise

“The guys were paying me a lot of money, I still have WCW money. If the bottom fell out, which I tell me students about all the time, I was one of the only guys prepared and I was looking to test myself with the best in the world at WWE. I knew everything doesn’t last forever the way they were spending money, as soon as tax season came around. The only thing I hate more than anything is that I had a million and two contract, I needed six more months. I gave up a lot of money to go to WWE and I was willing to take that chance, but if they would have given me that big money contract I would have sat on it for a year.”

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