Booker T Questions The New Day’s Future: “It Has Got To Be Close To The End”


During his latest Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T discussed how he believes it could be time for The New Day’s run together to come to an end.

Kofi Kingston recently encouraged Big E to go on a run as a singles wrestler, to which the WWE Universe has got very excited. Though Booker T has questioned if this will bring an end to New Day as a group, believing they cannot go on forever

“Well, it has got to be close to the end. I mean they’ve had a hell of a run. They can’t run this thing forever. I don’t think The New Day want to say 20 time WWE World Tag Team Champions. I think they think that was old after a period of time and then after you had that success in tag team you want to explore,” Booker stated. “You want to see if you could actually go out there and do in the singles ranks.

Booker T then spoke about Big E specifically pushing for a singles run, stating it is time for him to cash his ticket and become a World Champion.

“Time is running out on Big E. Time is running out on Xavier. Xavier I forgot, he’s done, he’s finished. Big E still has some time left to go out there and cash his ticket. Go out there and stake his claim as far as his legacy and perhaps become the World Heavyweight Champion. There’s nothing like becoming the World Heavyweight Champion.” (H/T to for the transcriptions.)