Booker T Reflects On Never Having A Singles Match With Shawn Michaels


Two-time WWE Hall Of Famer, Booker T recently spoke on his Hall Of Fame podcast where he spoke about never competing against Shawn Michaels in a singles match.

“I let the fans pick their dream matches. For me, there are no matches out there that I’ve never seen that I really, really, really want to see,” Booker began. “Me and Shawn Michaels. That’s the only dream match [that]I think people could really feel like they missed out on something that they didn’t get. People never got a chance to see Booker T and Shawn Michaels in the ring. I don’t know if people know it or not, but I was pretty good [laughs]. To not have gotten a chance to mix it up with Shawn Michaels to actually be able to go out and, you know, see exactly how good I really was.”

He continued, “I always put Shawn Michaels on the top shelf and I always wanted to be on the top shelf as well. I always felt like I could work with anybody on the top shelf and to have not gotten the chance to see that. It’s not anywhere, in any archive, [there isn’t]any footage that you can see Booker T and Shawn Michaels going one on one to prove who the best really was, you know? You missed out on something there.” (H/T to for the transcriptions.)