Booker T Shoots On Big Cass Being Released By WWE


Coming on the heels of Big Cass being released from WWE, rumors have indicated one of the reasons why Cass was let go was due to a lot of heat he had with other members of the WWE locker room. Cass was reportedly very outspoken about his politics and his support of President Donald Trump, and his comments at times were said to have some people the wrong way backstage in WWE.

On a recent edition of his “Heated Conversations” podcast, host and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T addressed Cass’ firing with the following.

“I think the story is bigger than Big Cass. Just say for instance, back in the day, you didn’t tell anyone who you voted for. It was a secret. You don’t bring stuff like that together. Because we want to be friends, so that’s something that you got to deal with inside yourself. When gay people come out, I be like ‘man you didn’t have to tell me that’. I’m still gonna give you a hug. It’s not my business.

“I liked [Cass]. I never knew anything about his beliefs as far as the Trump thing…It could be a bunch of things. But when [WWE gets] to that point, it ain’t something that everybody else is doing, it’s something you’re doing. It really is. I’ve been around for many many years in the business, and I knew as long as I went out and performed, and thought about that. I was always going out there and thinking about performing, and that only. And I just think these young guys, it’s easy to get caught up. When you lose focus, when you lose your train of thought for one second, when you take those blinders off, anything can happen.”

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Booker goes on to say that he feels Cass lost out in being released by WWE because he feels Cass has what it takes to be one the best big men in the wrestling business.

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