Booker T Talks Kenny Omega Signing With AEW, His WWE Feud With Cody, More


WWE Hall Of Famer recently discussed Kenny Omega signing with AEW and more on the new company on his recent episode of Reality Of Wrestling.

Booker T clarifies his previous AEW comments, and talks his WWE feud with Cody Rhodes:

“I want to say, if I offended anyone last week I want to apologize. That’s not what I do this for, I know where I’m at, I worked with Cody Rhodes and I was like I cannot wait to work this kid. I have never asked for an angle in this business, the only time I did that was when I did the angle with Cody Rhodes, I requested that I always thought he could be World Championship material.”

On how Christopher Daniels can help young talent:

“Christopher Daniels started way back when I did, this guy has a wealth of knowledge to give back to these young guys. The Fallen Angel creates his own thing, do you know how many young people wonder how they can do that? Christopher Daniels can teach those guys.”

On Kenny Omega signing for AEW over WWE:

“AEW just added Kenny Omega, he’s going to be an on-air wrestler as well as Executive Vice President, that means I am calling some shots around here, and the cheques good. You have to go where the money is at, sometimes it’s not about wrestling on a certain stage, it’s where am I going to be happy. That’s just the way it sometimes in life, you only live once so to do it your way is very important. I don’t blame Kenny for signing and I am not surprised that he did.”

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