Booker T Threatens Corey Graves After Losing Raw Commentary Spot, Calls Graves Out to a Shoot Fight


WWE Hall of Famer Booker T was recently removed from the Monday Night RAW announce team, where he has been calling the action alongside Michael Cole and Corey Graves every week since the 2017 Superstar Shakeup last April. The returning Jonathan Coachman was named as his replacement, beginning on RAW this past week hot off a long stretch as an on-screen personality with ESPN.

If you’ve been listening to WWE commentary over the last few months, it’s become virtually impossible to ignore the rising tension between Booker and Graves at the booth, with snide remarks and backhanded comments sometimes leading to full-blown arguments breaking out on live television.

After being removed from the RAW announce team and relegated to pay-per-view pre-shows as WrestleMania quickly approaches, Booker T wasted no time in expressing his frustrations on the latest edition of his podcast Heated Conversations. The former world champion even claims that WWE only took him off the table because they thought he was going to assault Graves.

“Corey Graves, I wouldn’t necessarily say he’s on my bad side right now, but he’s the reason that I’m not on Monday Night Raw right now. Lot of people in the company thought I was going to jump on him. I was gonna do something bad to him. I was gonna drag him. I was gonna take him out to the woodshed. I was gonna beat that man so bad that he was going to say ‘Please, please, just don’t beat me anymore.’ That’s how hot I was getting, that’s how close I was getting.”

Booker then took things a step further, threatening him with physical harm if they ever met outside of work. It’s hard to believe WWE, with today’s culture and all the scandals they’ve had to fight off in recent months, will look the other way on this one.

“If I catch Corey Graves on the street, I’m gonna do something to him. I ain’t gonna do it at the office or the airport, but if I catch Corey Graves on the street, you see that little bouffant hairdo he got? I’m gonna rearrange it for him.”

As we noted, WrestleMania is fast approaching and Booker T finds himself now out of the job that would have almost assuredly landed him on the main commentary team for the biggest pay day of the year. The Hall of Famer

“Everybody knows my reputation. I get mean if you mess with my green. And right now, my green is being messed with. WrestleMania is coming up, right? There’s room for one more match at WrestleMania. Right now on my show, I’m calling Corey Graves out to a fight. Not a match. Not a pre-show pose down or anything like that. I’m calling Corey Graves out to a fight.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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