Booker T Weighs in on Goldberg vs. The Undertaker from WWE ‘Super ShowDown’


Booker T has weighed in on the highly controversial match between Goldberg and The Undertaker. That match took place on June 7 at Super ShowDown, which emanated from Saudi Arabia.

The WWE Hall of Famer commented on the match, which took place in 103 degree weather and noted that Goldberg’s time off during the past two years didn’t help matters at all.

“I don’t care how much working out he put in, I don’t care how much gym time he put in and I don’t care how much he thought he was prepared for that situation. Nothing can compare him for a situation like that. I wrestled one of my students not too long ago and it was in a nice, cool temperature air conditioned building and I almost died! So I can only imagine what these two guys were out there dealing with.”

Booker also pointed out that if Undertaker had worked someone like Sheamus or Kevin Owens, he wouldn’t have to had to cover that much. But as longtime WWE fans know, Goldberg has never been known as a ring technician.

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The bout was wrought with problems from the very beginning. Goldberg’s pre-match routine of head-butting his dressing room door seemed to daze him physically, which lead to poor judgement in the ring. The former World champion inadvertently struck the ring post head-on and the match went downhill from there.

Goldberg admitted on Twitter that he knocked himself out and apologized to his fans. It’s unknown if he and The Undertaker will face off again, or if this will be a one-and-done situation in WWE.