Botch Or Not: Natalya Selling the Wrong Knee On WWE Raw Might Have Major Storyline Implications


The storyline heading into WWE Money in the Bank this weekend is that Natalya is dealing with an injured knee, which could be a setback for her as she competes in the Women’s ladder match on Sunday night.

On WWE Raw this week, Natalya cut a promo, which you can watch above, claiming that although she is dealing with a knee issue, she will not allow the setback to hinder her in the ladder match, and she will be fine come this weekend.

Fans have pointed out online, however, that Natalya was icing the wrong knee on WWE Raw this week, leading people to believe it was a continuity botch, and that either WWE or Natalya made a mistake.

Dave Meltzer noted in the most recent edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, however, that Natalya might have been selling the wrong knee on purpose, as there might be plans to turn her heel at Money in the Bank. Meltzer speculated that Natalya could interfere in the Ronda Rousey vs Nia Jax Raw Title match on Sunday night, and screw her “friend” Rousey out of the title. The idea would be that Natalya has been faking the knee injury all along, which is why she sold the wrong knee on Raw this week, and it could set up a Rousey vs Natalya match at WWE SummerSlam.

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You can check out a photo of Natalya’s knee selling in the photo below: