Bound for Glory Ends in Confusion as Austin Aries No-Sells the Finish, Flips Off Impact Management & Walks Out


Tonight’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view ended in what may end up being one of the most talked-about incidents of 2018 – that is, if the whole thing isn’t some sort of elaborate story being told by Impact Wrestling.

The evening’s main event saw Austin Aries defend the Impact World Championship against Johnny Impact (former WWE Superstar John Morrison) in a bout that picked up serious momentum over the past week, largely due to scandalous comments made by the champion on social media, and Johnny appearing on TMZ to respond to the comments publicly.

Impact would eventually go on to win the match, delivering a Brainbuster and his signature Starship Pain manuever, but just seconds after the referee called for the bell Aries was right back up on his feet, completely no-selling the effects of the 20-minute match he had just competed in.

Aries then went on to talk trash to someone in the balcony, presumed to me Impact Executive Vice President Don Callis, who was on commentary at the time and made no mention of what was happening on-screen. He then flipped the middle finger towards the fans, the cameras, and Johnny Impact – who raised his hands in understandable confusion, audibly yelling “Are you kidding me?”

The Bound for Glory broadcast went off the air shortly after, with both Moose and Killer Cross left standing at ringside, looking at each other like they were unsure how to proceed.

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