The Boyhood Dream has come true for the Machine.(Okay that one was easy)


Hello wrestling world.


I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to everyone who read my first two posts. This whole experience of  getting to write about something I love as much wrestling has been very cool, so for anyone who takes time out of their day to read this, I really appreciate it.


My third post is going to be a bit different. One of the things that I wanted to do is called Historical Title Reign Warfare. I will choose two wwe championship title reigns that were around the same length of time, and compare them to one another. The reigns will be judged based on match quality as well as their overall significance on the industry. Just my opinion of course. Lets have fun!


When the dust cleared in main event of Wrestlemania 12, The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels was left kneeling in the center of the ring with the wwe championship for the first time. It was a great moment for Shawn as well as the fans of the Showstopper. After years of having great matches, HBK defied all expectations and finally won the big one after being told he was too small to ever be a main event talent. Now that he had the gold, the pressure was on for the future  Mr. Wrestlemania. After winning the title, Shawn put the company on his back while it was on the losing end of the Monday night wars. He had classic matches with Diesel, The British Bulldog, Vader, and Mankind before finally losing the championship to Psycho Sid at Survivor Series 1996.

While HBK had his moment at Wrestlemania 12, Wrestlemania 13 belonged to the dark side. After an over five year draught, The Undertaker finally won the wwe championship again with a victory of Psycho Sid. Exhibiting a lone wolf persona after splitting with longtime manager Paul Bearer, The Undertaker was in a transition phase. He went from being a frankenstein like monster under the big black hat, to being a more realistic, edgy gothic babyface that was perfect for the late 1990’s and lets be real, perhaps the coolest character of all time. The Deadman boasted ppv wins over Mankind, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Farooq, and Vader before dropping the strap to Bret Hart at Summerlam 1997.


Match Quality: This one is kind of a no brainer. as great as the undertaker is, he could never touch HBK in the ring. During this time, Shawn Michaels was having great match after great match with a series of fantastic opponents that will stand the test of time. It was during this period that Shawn first reached a level where he was untouchable bell to bell Winner: Shawn Michaels.


Historical Significance: During 1996, Shawn Micheals was given a nearly impossible task: keep the company afloat. While wwe still had a lot of talent, wcw had taken so many stars and with the help of the cruiserweights and the NWO storyline, was dominating the ratings. Shawn’s in ring ability and charisma gave viewers a reason to tune in every week. While the Undertaker was crazy over, he also had the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, HBK, and Bret Hart to help carry the load and even had some Pay Per Views where his title match was not the main event or the most promoted storyline. While I think history will look back favorably on The Phenom’s reign in 1997, I think the 1996 tenure of Shawn Micheals as wwe champion will go down as one of the most significant in modern history due to the match quality and because it was the life raft for wwe while it was severly treading water.  Winner: Shawn Micheals


Either way both talents were amazing. I just wish we got a Wrestlemania match or two between them.




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