Brand-O’s POV: Elimination Chamber 2013 Review


First off let me introduce myself to you.  My name is Brandon Flarity, and I am from White Oak, TX which is just a little dot on the map about 100 miles east of Dallas.  I have been a huge wrestling fan for many years ever since I watched it with my father as a child in the 90s.  I have written on occasion on a couple other sites, but it is my honor to now have my very own blog on  I would like to thank the staff of this site for giving me this opportunity.  With that out of the way let’s get on with the show!

Alberto del Rio© vs The Big Show

Although this was a step down from their two Last Man Standing matches, this was still a decent opener with del Rio retaining the World Championship.  I don’t think anybody was expecting The Big Show to win back the championship just a month after losing it.  The Big Show is at the point in his career where he doesn’t need a belt to get over.  On the other hand, Alberto del Rio is a newly turned face that can benefit from holding the gold going into Wrestlemania. With del Rio still yet to pin Show it wouldn’t surprise me to see one final match between these two on TV in the coming week.  Many people believed that Dolph Ziggler was going to cash in his MITB contract after this match was over, but I had my doubts about that.  I see Dolph cashing it in at Wrestlemania and winning the championship there.

Match Rating: **3/4

Antonio Cesaro© vs The Miz

If we didn’t already know just how impressive Antonio Cesaro was before this match we all do now.  He carried The Miz to a good match.  How often do we get to say that?  Since turning face, The Miz has been a lackluster part of WWE television.  It is hard to believe just two years ago he was in the main event of Wrestlemania.  Well, I guess it is hard to believe he was in the main event of Wrestlemania at all.  The Miz lost a United States championship match at the Royal Rumble last month, so what does he receive?  A rematch!  I could have done without the injury angle, but Cesaro slinging Miz into the barricade on Raw is GIF of the year so far.  It was hilarious TV.  This should have been the blow off to this little program, but with the DQ ending it looks like it will continue for the time being.

Match Rating: **1/2 

Chris Jericho vs Mark Henry vs Randy Orton vs Jack Swagger vs Kane vs Daniel Bryan

This match was to determine the number one contender for the World Championship at Wrestlemania.  I would say this match is in my top 5 chamber matches of all time.  It was a fun, action packed match that showcased the talent’s of all six superstars involved.  My pick going into the match was Mark Henry with the way he has been built up since his return, but to be honest I could have made a case for almost every superstar in the match to win.  The only two I didn’t think had a chance of winning was Kane and Daniel Bryan since it looks like we may be heading towards a match between the two at Mania.  Once again, Chris Jericho was the star of this match as he is in almost every match he competes in.  He lasted over 30 minutes in this battle.  This is the 4th or 5th time Orton has lost clean in the past month which I think is building to the rumored heel turn for him in the very near future.  In the end, it was Jack Swagger taking the surprising victory.  A Jack Swagger/del Rio feud fits in perfect with Swagger’s new character, but they are going to have to impress me with the seven weeks that they have to build this match up before I can get behind it.

Match Rating: ****1/4

John Cena, Ryback & Sheamus vs The Sheild

Going into this match I was ready to accept the fact that the Super Faces were going to walk away with the win.  When that turned out to not be the case I was ecstatic.  All three members of The Shield were spot on in this match.  Both Ambrose and Rollins have big careers ahead of them if the cards are played into their favors.  Then there is Roman Reigns.  Before he debuted in the WWE I had not heard much about him.  I figured he would just be the muscle for the group, but his star shined bright last night.  He played his role very well, and was made out to be a dominate force.  The face team never really had the advantage in this match, and that is the way it should have been.  We see Cena, Ryback and Sheamus dominate week in and week out, so this was a very welcome change of pace.  The “through the barrier” spot that Reigns and Sheamus did is getting a little old.  They need to give that spot a rest for a few months.  Could Ryback be turning heel soon after the way he walked out of the ring after the match last night?  I think it is a possibility.

Match Rating: ***1/2

Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston

This was an impromptu match put together by Booker T after Dolph was complaining about being left off of the card.  My first thought when Booker came out was that Dolph would be facing a returning Christian, but as it turns out we got Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston 1529251.  This was pretty much along the same lines as the other matches we have seen between the two.  No surprise Dolph picked up the win here.

Match Rating: **

Kaitlyn© vs Tamina

Poor divas.  This match was put together on the WWE App which I do not have.  The crowd was dead for this match as most figured they would be.  Basic, short diva’s match as we are accustom to these days with Kaitlyn retaining the Diva’s Championship.

Match Rating: 1/2*

The Rock© vs CM Punk

This was a rematch from the Royal Rumble.  The Rock retained the championship while the odds were stacked against him.  The stipulation was put into place by Vince that if The Rock got counted out or DQed he would lose the WWE Championship.  I thought for sure that stipulation would somehow come into play during the match, but it never did.  So what was the point of Vince adding that stip?  Heyman told Vince he would do anything to have the stipulation added in.  Keyword: anything.  Vince has something in mind for Heyman, so look for that to come into play in the weeks to come.  As for this match, it was on par with their first encounter.  It was a good match with a couple slow parts in the middle.  Last month the announce table broke early, last night it didn’t break at all.  The Spanish announcers are getting their revenge!  The ending with the ref bumps might have been a little much, but it worked.  With Rock winning the table is now set for Wrestlemania: The Rock vs John Cena “Once in a lifetime, twice in a year!”

Match Rating: ***1/2 

All in all this was a good show for WWE.  Now the Road to Wrestlemania gets in full gear with only 7 weeks of shows left before the big event.  When will Triple H return to avenge Vince against Lesnar?  Will The Undertaker be competing this year to try and go 21-0?  What does the future hold for The Sheild?  All of these questions should start to come to a head beginning tonight on Raw.

Best Match: Elimination Chamber Match ****1/4
Worst Match: Diva’s Championship 1/2*

Final Elimination Chamber Rating: 7/10

Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog on the site.  If you have any questions, comments, or just want to chat about wrestling send me an e-mail @ [email protected]  I will be back later this week with some Raw thoughts, so until then take care!