Brandi Rhodes Confirms The Nightmare Collective Is Over: “I Was Not Happy With It”


Brandi Rhodes recently spoke with the Wrestling Observer Radio where she confirmed that The Nightmare Collective is finished in AEW.

The faction which started with just Brandi Rhodes and Awesome Kong, but went on to add Dr. Luther and Mel has received criticism from fans online. It seems like AEW has listened to that, as Brandi Rhodes confirmed that the storyline is over, admitting she wasn’t happy with it herself.

Brandi said: “One of the things that we claim at AEW is that we let our artists play their music the way that they want to play it. I’m one of the artists that’s part of the Nightmare Collective and I started to see that the music was not playing how I liked it, like I didn’t feel it. And I started to notice that audience members were on the same page as me…So, I think a big misconception is AEW made changes. Not at all. I did, 100 percent. Because if I’m going to do something, I want to be happy with it and I was not happy with it. I wasn’t happy with me in it. I wasn’t happy with other people as far as how they were being perceived or portrayed, so I made the decision to do the series that I put out with the therapist.”

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