Braun Strowman Speaks Out On Brock Lesnar Shoot Fighting Him at Royal Rumble


As noted, WWE star Braun Strowman angered The Beast, Brock Lesnar, during the opening minutes of their Triple Threat WWE Universal Title match at Royal Rumble, when The Monster caught Lesnar will a stiff shot.

Lesnar offered Strowman a receipt in the form of two stiff shoot punches to the body and side of the head, and instructed Strowman to “slow the f**k down”.

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Strowman recently spoke with The Daily Star on a number of topics, including the shoot incident at Royal Rumble. On the subject, Strowman had the following to say:

“Any time Brock and I are in the ring it’s very physical. You’re talking about two larger -than-life human beings who are fighting for dominance. Stuff happens.

“It’s a contact sport – it’s not tennis. We’re not going out there to slap a ball around, we’re going out there to beat each other up. That’s what we did.”

You can check out video footage of the shoot incident in the above video. As we noted following the incident, despite things getting heated between Lesnar and Strowman in the match, there is absolutely no backstage heat between the two of them, and the incident in the ring was more a case of Lesnar guiding Strowman in the title bout.

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