Braun Strowman Claims He’s Going To Humble Roman Reigns


Braun Strowman is set for his final match on WWE SmackDown tonight following the WWE Draft that saw him moved to the red brand. However, it’s going to be a big night as he competes for the Universal Championship against Roman Reigns.

During an interview with the Battleground Podcast, the Monster Amongst Men had some harsh words for the Tribal Chief, making his points very clear. Strowman spoke about how Roman has developed a chip on his shoulder, stating that he is looking forward to humbling him tonight.

“I listened to that smart, cocky interview that he did with that smile, I don’t know where this chip has come from on his shoulders because for the longest time I thought that Roman was very humble about stuff. I don’t know if it’s (Paul) Heyman being the parasite that he is in his ear. I am looking forward to humbling him and reminding him who he really is. At the end of the day, Roman said I don’t deserve this opportunity and I agree with him. I don’t deserve anything. That’s the difference between him and I, Roman thinks he deserves all these opportunities he has gotten. At the end of the day, let’s be real, how many of these opportunities is he going to get if it wasn’t for his family legacy in this business. So when Roman Reigns says I don’t deserve this opportunity I’ll agree with him, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t work my ass off and earn this opportunity.”

Braun then spoke about how he has continuously stepped up when Roman hasn’t, noting that he didn’t have a bloodline straight into the industry and he’s had to work for everything.

” I’ve stepped up, I don’t know how many times now when Roman hasn’t been able to go and it’s been unfortunate. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s a good person, I step up when times are tough and things need to get done. I put my health and my life on the line for the WWE Universe because I actually care about our fans. I don’t go online and pretend and pander to my fans on the internet, I genuinely care. That’s why when we first feuded, people cared more about me than they cared about Roman because they know deep down inside how much this means to me and how hard I’ve had to work to get here and do this. I didn’t have a bloodline in this industry, I was a nobody from a town of 500 people in North Carolina. I’ve got over so many trials and tribulations and done the things that I’ve done and I’ve proved every naysayer wrong when they told me I didn’t deserve to be here and that I would never make it to the top of this mountain. Well, guess what? I showed everybody on this Earth that if you bust your ass, you can accomplish anything.”

Roman Reigns caught wind of this interview though and didn’t just sit down and take it. The Universal Champion responded on social media, claiming Braun doesn’t sound like a monster but instead seems like a crowd pandering puppet.

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