Bray Wyatt Claims A “Rebellion And Redemption” Is Coming


Former WWE Champion, Bray Wyatt has continued teasing his in-ring return on social media with a new post on his Instagram this week.

Wyatt, who hasn’t been seen on WWE television since losing the Raw Tag Team Championships posted images of himself and JoJo at the Wyatt Compound, posting a teaser that possibly hinted towards a WrestleMania return. He wrote:

“News from the horse’s mouth, not someone [else’s] ass. New and improved Wyatt Family Compound: preparing MY DAUGHTERS’ mini horses for The Battle of New York. Life is good man. Especially when you know rebellion and redemption are around the corner. I’ll see you when I see you. #RevengeIsAConfession #HookEmHorns”

Of course, the “Battle Of New York” line is getting people speculating about a potential surprise appearance during WrestleMania, although it could be kept for the night after on Raw. Wyatt is expected back on TV in the very near future.

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