Bray Wyatt Teases ‘Healing’ Matt Hardy


Bray Wyatt has taken to Twitter today to tease the idea of potentially ‘healing’ his former tag team partner, Matt Hardy.

Hardy has been used sparingly within WWE over the past few months, and speculation is constant about what will happen in his future. Hardy’s contract expires in the near future, and he has made it clear that he believes he has more to offer the industry.

One name who clearly hasn’t forgotten about him is Bray Wyatt. The two men are former rivals and WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, with Wyatt tweeting out that he would never hurt Matt.

He added that he could heal him, as Matt did for him, pointing out that when the world threw him away, Matt was the only one offering to pick him up.

You will also notice that Bray has used several capital letters at random points. Those letters spell out “Let Me In.”

This tweet from Wyatt came in a response to one that Matt himself did previously, where he asked whether “He” would hurt or heal him.