Break It Down: Ranking Every Major Pro Wrestling TV Show (Week Seventeen)


Another week of wrestling is in the books and once again all four shows had something to offer. Whether it be promotion towards WWE Money In The Bank or Double Or Nothing. All the shows had several fantastic matches with major implications moving forwards.

Of course, not everything was perfect, and there were plenty of moments throughout the week that didn’t quite land. As the shows once again had no audiences, creative content was needed and yet again AEW and WWE pushed through with some fantastic content. But which show was the strongest of the bunch?

4. WWE SmackDown

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After several very strong weeks, this episode of the blue brand wasn’t quite as strong. As usual, there was some strong wrestling with Sasha Banks and Lacey Evans, in particular, having a good match. But many of the other felt much shorter than they should have been and didn’t quite have the length and excitement that they have in the past.

It was good to see other tag teams getting utilised outside of the usual trio, with Lucha House Party scoring a big victory and The Forgotten Sons also being showcased. However, the Women’s Tag Team Division which has built well lately didn’t feel as strong with such a quick title match.

But the main reason that WWE SmackDown was the weakest show of the week was the main event segment. This was Triple H’s 25th-anniversary segment which was basically one big comedy segment with a very strange Vince McMahon promo that just didn’t work.


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The black and yellow brand had some excellent matches, with three really good Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship tournament matches. All six men involved put together some fun in-ring action, although turning Drake Maverick’s release into a storyline isn’t going to sit well with everyone.

It’s a risky decision to make purely because of how raw the situation is and the fact someone has legitimately lost their job. Overall, there wasn’t as much excitement in this episode as there have been previously, although Dexter Lumis getting a feature in the main event was good to see.

Promoting new talent like Lumis is what WWE NXT has always been great at, and hopefully, that is going to continue moving forwards. However, overall, this episode just wasn’t as strong as fans are used to from NXT.

2. AEW Dynamite

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It was back to business for AEW Dynamite this week with a much stronger show that featured two excellent TNT Title Tournament matches. Sammy Guevara facing Darby Allin was always going to create something special, and the two young stars certainly delivered.

In the other match, Dustin Rhodes put his career on the line against Kip Sabian which added a nice emotional element to the match. Of course, the Kenny Omega match has caused quite the controversy online, but whether you think it should be a squash or enjoyed the competitiveness, it was a fun bout to watch.

The show continues to do its best without some of the bigger names on the roster being around, but it allowed for other names such as Jimmy Havoc to have some time to shine which is building the whole roster up.

1. WWE Raw

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Wrestling shows without a crowd aren’t easy to do, but when there is great wrestling the shows tend to really fly by without a breeze. That was the case this week for the red brand which had some really good matches, including a trio of fun Money In The Bank qualifiers.

Seeing Rey Mysterio and Buddy Murphy battle it out, in particular, was very enjoyable while the partnership between Cedric Alexander and Ricochet continued to flourish. It wasn’t a perfect show, as the Bobby Lashley segments and The Viking Raiders carpool karaoke were a total mess, but three hours of perfection isn’t easy.

Seth Rollins sent in a tremendous video promo to build the feud with Drew McIntyre, and the Scotsman once again stood tall with some awesome segments keeping him strong as the number one World Champion in any company right now.

Fourth place=1 point
Third place=2 points
Second place=3 points
First place=4 points

2020 results (each week, the points tally will be added up below):

WWE Raw- 39
AEW Dynamite- 49
WWE SmackDown- 36

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