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Break It Down: Ranking Every Major Wrestling TV Show (Week #46)



Break It Down

On the week that saw WWE build towards WWE Survivor Series, there was plenty of pressure on the two flagship shows to deliver in the build-up for this one. Plus, the Wednesday night war continued in its usual manner, with two excellent shows that continue to contest each other massively.

There were highs and lows across the board, with certain elements not quite connecting, while others really thrived. It was also a noteworthy week with several major championship matches taking place, including one big switch. So let’s Break It Down and reveal which show was the best!

4. WWE SmackDown

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The blue brand provided quite a poor episode in week 46, which was a surprise as WWE SmackDown has been fairly consistent in recent weeks. The show just didn’t do a great job in building to Survivor Series, especially with the men’s elimination match.

Several of the team members were defeated, which didn’t exactly make them look like strong wrestlers who fans should care about or take seriously heading into the show. However, it was nice to see Daniel Bryan back, and he and Jey Uso did have a very good match together in the main event.

Plus, Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre did a nice job with their contract signing. Roman continues to really develop the gimmick that he’s working right now, which really is carrying SmackDown at the moment.

3. WWE Raw

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WWE Raw has been difficult to watch at points in recent weeks, being quite a long slog to get through. But this time, that wasn’t the case as the show had a really good flow throughout, with some fantastic wrestling matches and noteworthy moments.

While the work with the women’s Survivor Series team wasn’t great, there was a better job done with the men’s team, and putting over RETRIBUTION was wise. Plus, The Fiend and Alexa Bliss were incredible throughout the night, in backstage segments and in the ring, which continued their storyline nicely.

Of course, this show will be memorable because of the main event, which saw Drew McIntyre defeat Randy Orton to become WWE Champion. It was a shocking title switch that not everyone saw coming, and that created a really fun moment for the show.

2. AEW Dynamite

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It was another strong show for AEW Dynamite on this week, which had a lot of quality all the way throughout. Right from the start, The Young Bucks and Top Flight had a really good match, which established the young upcoming team, while also making the champions look great.

The contract signing segment was an interesting one as it has started some additional story elements, which is going to enhance the story. Plus, The Blade and PAC had a brilliant match, as they really brought it in the ring, with the tension between all of the talent involved clearly building.

The NWA Women’s Championship match was the real highlight of this show, it was such a tremendous encounter between Serena Deeb and Thunder Rosa, which was a lot of fun to watch. Now, hopefully, AEW can kick on and put the same attention into its own women’s title, which could boost the overall product.


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It was another epic week for the black and gold brand as WWE NXT began its build towards NXT Takeover: War Games. The work with Leon Ruff and Johnny Gargano was really enjoyable, with Damian Priest still being connected as WWE started to build Ruff as a more serious wrestler, which was great.

The show was full of great matches, particularly the women’s tag team match, which was a lot of fun to watch. But every segment just felt like it was moving something forwards, which is what a great show should be doing.

While Undisputed Era returning was an epic way to end the show that was really fun to watch, it was the Women’s Championship match that stole the show. Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai put everything into this one, which was a really physical and entertaining back and forth contest.

Fourth place=1 point
Third place=2 points
Second place=3 points
First place=4 points

2020 results (each week, the points tally will be added up below):

WWE Raw- 101
WWE NXT- 140
AEW Dynamite- 128
WWE SmackDown- 95


Handcuff Stipulation Added To 1/27 AEW Dynamite Match



Dax Harwood of FTR is scheduled to face Jungle Boy of Jurassic Express in a singles match on Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite.

While the action inside the ring is expected to proceed like normal, their respective ringside onlookers are going to be restrained. AEW announced on Monday that Cash Wheeler and Tully Blanchard will be handcuffed to Luchasuarus at ringside to prevent outside interference.

Below is the updated lineup for Wednesday:

  • Hangman Page vs. Ryan Nemeth
  • Britt Baker vs. Shanna
  • Dax Harwood vs. Jungle Boy
  • Chris Jericho & MJF vs. Varsity Blonds
  • Eddie Kingston vs. Lance Archer
  • Jon Moxley speaks
  • Cody Rhodes responds to Shaq
  • Darby Allin & Sting address their Street Fight
  • Young Bucks & Good Brothers vs. Dark Order

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Darby Allin Discusses Working With Sting & Being The TNT Champion



Darby Allin

Darby Allin has given his thoughts on working with Sting in recent weeks, and what it has been like to be TNT Champion.

Allin spoke with The Total Slam Podcast where he spoke about working with Sting, who he has been together with since the wrestling legend joined the company.

“I don’t know where it is going and how it came up,” Allin said of their storyline. “I feel like he saw something in me that is almost lost in wrestling today with the creative side of things. I know he saw my videos and it’s something different, and I feel he sees a little bit of himself in me.”

Darby also spoke about getting to be the TNT Champion and the experience he has had with the company since he joined.

“It feels amazing. When I first stepped into AEW and I saw what they had to offer, in my mind I thought I was the poster child of creative freedom. You’ll give me creative freedom and I will show everything I can do here and not elsewhere,” said Allin. “They realized it with all my videos and how I put matches together and it feels really good and that I belong in that spot.

“I was bitter and angry on my independent run because I was a second match card guy and saw the main eventers, and in my mind, I thought there is no reason why I can’t be there. I’m just not taken seriously like I want to be taken. If you give me the opportunity like I did with Cody or with Cage, and I can show everybody that if you give me the ball, you will never get it back.”

Allin is currently set to be part of Sting’s first match back at AEW Revolution, where the duo are set to face Team Tazz members, Brain Cage and Ricky Starks in a street fight. (H/T to for the transcriptions)

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Dax Harwood Reveals He’d Like Chad Gable To Join AEW



Chad Gable

AEW’s Dax Harwood recently spoke about WWE Superstar, Chad Gable, discussing the chemistry they had and how he should join AEW.

Harwood and Gable have a huge history together from their rivalry in WWE with American Alpha and The Revival having some fantastic matches together. When speaking with Arn Anderson as part of a special AdFreeShows watch-along for the ARN podcast, Dax spoke about how you can tell if a wrestler belongs, and why AEW should sign Gable.

“That’s what separates the wrestlers from guys who are playing wrestler. There are guys who can go in there and do some athletic, crazy stuff, and I wish I could. But if you believe in your heart that you’re the best, if believe you’re the biggest badass in the world, nobody can beat you, you’re gonna look legit. I think we should get Gable into AEW, but that’s just my thought.”

Harwood then put over the American Alpha stars as two of the hardest workers they’ve ever wrestled, and how they shook up their matches regularly to keep them fresh.

“Those two guys are two of the hardest working guys I’ve ever been in the ring with. They are the two hardest working guys I have ever been in the ring with. We worked with those guys for I don’t know, four months straight, 5 months straight on these house shows. This is when NXT was picking up and we were going to these house shows every week. Every week, my goal was to change the match. I never wanted to do the same thing, ever. There’s some guys that want, and I can understand, there’s some guys that want to preserve their body and preserve their mind and just get through it, and I get that, but these guys weren’t like that.” (H/T to for the transcriptions)

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