Break It Down: Ranking Every Major Wrestling TV Show (Week Eighteen)


Professional wrestling has continued to try and provide entertainment and escapism for its fans as both WWE and AEW continue to march on with the business as usual approach. Yet again, all four shows tried to provide a balance between in-ring action and creative content to make the shows varied and interesting.

WWE continues to push towards WWE Money In The Bank as AEW focuses on Double Or Nothing, which has given a strong direction to those shows. Even without a PPV to head towards, WWE NXT continues to produce a high-quality product as well, making all four shows enjoyable this week. But which one stood out amongst the pack?

4. WWE SmackDown

The blue brand certainly felt focused towards WWE Money In The Bank, with two qualifying matches and qualified competitors competing, but the show really lacked any real excitement or buzz. It didn’t feel like anything was overly important or ‘must-see’ this week, which hurt the show.

While there was some solid in-ring action, nothing was particularly incredible and there were no matches that fans will be talking about over the weekend. WWE continued to push The Forgotten Sons, which is interesting and adds some fresh blood to the tag team division.

The real positive of the show was the continued great work involving Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose, Otis, and Dolph Ziggler. It continues to be the strongest point of SmackDown’s content on a weekly basis, and yet again all four of them really shone brightly.

3. WWE Raw

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The red brand had some excellent wrestling once again, as it has done consistently throughout the pandemic. Yet again Zelina Vega and her crew carried the show throughout, with Andrade and Apollo Crews pulling double duty which led to some great work.

The show worked well overall and flowed at a good pace with a great mix of lengthy matches, promos and quick segments that made the show enjoyable to watch. WWE continues to build Bobby Lashley and Nia Jax which was exciting to see, while Drew McIntyre continues to look like a fantastic credible champion and Jinder Mahal made his long-awaited return.

The main issue Raw is suffering from is a real lack of star power at points, with no Edge, AJ Styles, Randy Orton, or Becky Lynch, which doesn’t help the show overall. While everyone involved is putting in a great effort, the show will drastically improve when the big names return.


This week WWE NXT pulled out several major matches in order to make the show as exciting as possible. Charlotte Flair put in her first match on the black and yellow brand as a champion, competing against Mia Yim in what was a great match.

As well as that, Keith Lee defended his North American Championship against Damian Priest, which was a fun bout as well, even if it’s something we have seen in one form or another several times now. However, there are several new stars being pushed such as Dexter Lumis and all the Cruiserweight Title competitors.

It’s great to see lots of fresh stars gettings their chances to shine, with Drake Maverick scoring a big win which is a storyline that fans have really invested in. However, overall it really was a strong show from WWE NXT, and with a loaded line-up for next week, the show should continue in that manner.

1. AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite was fantastic this week, bringing a great balance of fantastic wrestling and some really entertaining segments. Firstly, Cody Rhodes and Darby Allin absolutely tore it up once again, putting on a fantastic opening match that really got the show started with a bang.

The show also had a fun match between Dustin Rhodes and Lance Archer in order to secure the final between Archer and Cody. The show also had a great variety of other matches, putting over several talents in order to create a fun show that flowed nicely throughout.

However, the real highlight of the show was Chris Jericho’s ‘Bubbly Fight Club’ which was just absolutely hilarious. The number of names involved in this was very impressive and the creativity involved really was fantastic, which just goes to show how entertaining things can be, even in the current climate.

Fourth place=1 point
Third place=2 points
Second place=3 points
First place=4 points

2020 results (each week, the points tally will be added up below):

WWE Raw- 41
AEW Dynamite- 53
WWE SmackDown- 37

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