BREAKING: Arn Anderson Confirmed for Starrcast 2019 During AEW’s Double or Nothing Weekend


Sports Illustrated is reporting that WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson will appear at Starrcast during the weekend of May 23.

The event takes place the same weekend as AEW’s Double or Nothing, the company’s first official wrestling card. Conrad Thompson, the man behind Starrcast, talked to SI about Anderson’s involvement.

“We’re proud to have Arn Anderson on stage as one of our marquee events, we can’t wait for Arn to have a live mic in his hand, and stay tuned for more details.”

The “live mic” comment is an obvious reference to Arn’s legendary mic skills. Not only was he the Enforcer of The Four Horsemen, Arn was also one of the best promo men in the history of the business. Anderson also commented on this fact.

“It used to be a dangerous setting when they handed me a live mic,” Anderson told SI in the first interview since his release from WWE. “So we’ll see if it will be again.”

Arn was recently released from WWE after a run that lasted nearly 20 years. He operated backstage as an agent and producer, where he planned matches and worked closely with talent. Anderson talked about his departure from Vince McMahon’s company.

“I was fortunate enough to work with WWE for 18 years,” said Anderson. “Certainly that provided my family and myself with a nice living, and I have no regrets. A lot of my best friends still work there. Everything has a shelf life, and I guess mine ran out.”

Anderson’s potential involvement with AEW has been the object of speculation from the moment he left WWE. However there has been no official announcement from Arn or AEW concerting a possible working relationship at this point.

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