Breaking News: Verdict Revealed In CM Punk vs Chris Amann Trial


According to, the jury has convened in the case of CM Punk vs WWE Doctor Chris Amann, and has found that both Punk and Colt Cabana are not culpable of any of the charges made against them in the lawsuit filed by Chris Amann.

The charges against both Punk and Cabana included defamation, and the jury has found in favor of the two former WWE stars on all counts as it pertains to the case.

Therefore, neither Punk nor Cabana will have to pay any damages to Amann, which were to the tune of close to $80 million, and the Cabana and CM Punk vs Chris Amann case is now officially closed.

As we noted earlier today, the attorney for Amann revealed the WWE doctor was seeking $1 per stream of the 2014 “Art of Wrestling” podcast, which would total a sum of $3,989,000 in damages. Additionally, the attorney revealed Amann was seeking another $75 million in punitive damages.

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At the close of the trial, Punk and Colt Cabana’s attorney reportedly asked that the jury heed the common sense of the situation and judge accordingly, and it appears as if they have done just that.

Below are more social media reactions to the verdict being rendered: