BREAKING NEWS: Daniel Bryan Suffers Neck Injury

According to sources, Daniel Bryan suffered some sort of neck injury and will need several weeks off. The injury is expected to be announced tonight on RAW. This is also the reason for MAJOR creative changes involving Daniel Bryan at RAW today. reports that Bryan will most likely need a minimally-invasive neck “procedure.” If it goes well, he could be back in time for the June 1st WWE Payback pay-per-view in Chicago. Otherwise, he’ll be back by Money in the Bank.

A source at RAW says Bryan has been very quiet all day regarding the issue.

Stay tuned.

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  • allan

    bryan had rare serious injuries in his career this doesnt seem like one but now that hes a top guy in wwe hes going to be working alot more so he will most likely break his neck sometime.

  • Bwyte

    He was dragged out by his arm just before by Kane . It’s a work. Something’s up and there is more to it then we will know.

  • Jason Hewitt

    story line to keep him the lovable underdog I believe. “oh look I had neck surgery and came back in time to keep the title at the ppv” Not enjoying this scripting at all. First they have him running from kane to protect his wife, and now it will be either off tv for two weeks or two shows showing him ” rehabing”

  • Sean

    Hope he never comes back

    • BobJ

      Hope you keep your negativity to yourself.

      • Sean

        And I hope you never reply back to me about my opinions again

  • Lawrence Ashford

    Get well soon Daniel Bryan.