Breaking News: WWE Reportedly Hires Jeremy Borash


According to a report by, WWE has today hired longtime Impact Wrestling personality, Jeremy Borash.

Borash was backstage at this past weekend’s WWE events in Philadelphia for WWE Royal Rumble weekend but was telling those who asked he was simply visiting friends. But according to the report, the word at WWE Raw last night was that Borash was signed with WWE and several Impact sources have also confirmed he provided his notice.

Borash has been doing work for Impact Wrestling as recently as this past Thursday when he was doing commentary voiceovers for upcoming episodes as well as filming material for Impact on Friday at the House of Hardcore show in Philly.

Borash has been a massively important and loyal employee for Impact throughout all the good and bad times and has been one of its longest-serving employees, going all the way back to Impact’s foundation in 2002.

He has worked a variety of roles for the company from commentating, backstage interviews and most notable, ring announcing. Lately, he has been working as Impact’s main announcer.

Borash has also been credited by Matt Hardy for editing and putting together the ‘Broken Universe’ and helping Matt creatively to develop that character and has worked as a producer for the company.

WWE will be getting one of wrestlings brightest minds and hardest workers and this could be a major signing for the company, whilst it is a massive loss for Impact Wrestling, who continues to lose some of its most creative stars.

At this moment in time, it is unknown what Borash’s role would be with WWE but he is incredibly versatile and could fill several positions. WWE has not released an official statement at the time of this writing.

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  1. Put Borash back with Matt Hardy to develop the Woken Universe 😀 At the moment it is languishing in OBSCURITY and the current writers need to be DELETED. It is time to break the WWE Universe and classify them all OBSOLETE.

  2. TNA/Impact days finally appear to be numbered, so many departures at one time, hopefully Austin Aries get to finish out as the Champion, he really deserves it, such a great talent that unfortunately was squandered by WWE.

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