Bret Hart 100% Recovered From Prostate Cancer, Says He Is Working Out Again


WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart has shared some great news, which is that he has 100 percent recovered from prostate cancer after having surgery to remove it. Hart recently spoke with SportsNet about the tough battle with cancer and noted that he is back in the gym and working out again.

He has had serious health issues in the past as he suffered a stroke in 2002, which left him partially paralyzed but he made a successful recovery. Hart stated that it’s so crucial for him to stress that men get screened for prostate cancer. He brought up that you have to go in and get a blood test if you are a man over 40 years of age.

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He noted that you don’t want to be like his brother Smith Hart, who’s someone who didn’t worry about it until it’s too late. He added that if you have prostate cancer and catch it too late then you could die from it. However, if you catch it early then you can live a normal life. He said that is pretty close to normal.