Bret Hart Continues to Question Triple H’s Originality

Arda Ocal spoke with Bret “Hitman” Hart after his comments about Triple H was published everywhere.

Ocal asks what he makes of these comments gaining a large amount of attention. Hart stands his ground, even goes further with his stance:

– Gives Triple H vs Undertaker a grade: “I said I’d give (Taker vs HHH at WrestleMania 28) a 4-out-of-10. I think that was generous.” and goes on to explain why.

– “I wouldn’t put him in the top 1000 great wrestlers. To me he was very mediocre.”

– Questioning Triple H’s originality and contributions to pro wrestling.

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  • Hhh

    Why bret why

  • disqus_elrKSBJ9aQ

    Iv been a fan of bret hart for over 20 years. Usually id always agree with him except of these comments. In regards to triple h being mediocre I believe hunter to be as much of an icon as shawn. His ability is a 10. He wasnt as technical. But he had alot everything it takes to make a great match and a great wrestler. He has givin back to the business in so many ways. To say that he was medioce is very unfair. Eddie. Queens ny

  • allan

    look i havent heard one person agree with this crap, bret is starting to look very bitter,and honestly bret would get killed in wrestling today,being a good wrestler doesnt make you a great wrestler. you need to have everything and there is so much hhh has that bret never did. hhh is a legend in this bussiness..and as if im going to take a guy seriously who supports the only face who gets boo’d out of areas,theres a reason i good guys hated…he sucks..but yet hhh is mediocre…like wow bret better shut up before wwe stop paying him and he doesnt back to selling his crap on ebay lol

  • RynoTiger

    before folks get all up in arms here are a couple of things to consider:
    1. could all these comments be a work for a future angle between the two? don’t count it out
    2. As good as Triple H is and has been, if I’m really honest, those years when it was nothing but Triple H dominating and always having the title at some point became stale, boring and predictable.

    • allan mccann

      that was only a fews years and he deserved to be there.but either way how is 3 stages of hell with austin boring . how is a 60 man iron man wit rock suck. how does a ladder match with the rdock suck hes had many ,many good matches just lool at hbk comments. besides its not about who he buried but if he haf great ,matches which he did.

  • joetrivett2004

    Ok for one whether Bret is being bitter or not who knows he is stating his opinion. Here is mine.

    In my honest opinion Bret is absolutely right (in my opinion) After Rock and Austin disappeared and started to lean heavily on Hunter I could no longer watch wrestling because I could stand seeing him as a main eventer.

    His matches were boring and quite predictable, you pretty much knew what was going to happen throughout. I honestly can say that if I was to make a list of the top 50 matches I ever seen not one would feature Triple H. I even made a list of top 100 wrestlers I have seen since I started watching wrestling in the early 80s and Triple H did not even make the grade.

    While Bret might be acting bitter, who knows. But I do agree Triple H is way overrated. The only thing I can give him credit for, is he was good at drawing heat for himself and his matches. But his matches and himself bored me.

    i know I will take critcism, but I am glad finally some one had the guts to state Triple H was indeed overrated.

    • allan mccann

      what omg you think your the first to say that that hes overated almost every wrestler who has made it to the top has ben called overated from hbk austin taker u name it. amnd jist cause i didnt enjoy it i didn evoulution was wicked and triplr h was the prime example of a real champion . bret hart wasnangreat wrestler but today he wouldnt be s***. where triple h is a character everyone loves from 1999-2012…bret doesnt know wat it takes to be a champion theses days

  • DaRon Fleming

    I think Bret has a point…being a wrestling fan…look where HHH started as in WCW…A mediocre mid carder and then a blueblood in which his WWE character derived from BUT he wasn’t a true entertainer like Rock or Austin but his drive in the business cannot be questioned but he has maybe one or two standout matches in my opinion: HHH/Michaels at SummerSlam 2002 and HHH/Austin 3 Stages of Hell No Way Out 2001

    • SmellyAssCheeks

      HHH Vs. The Rock in the Iron Man Match in 2000 was also a classic.

  • Restless

    Bret needs to stop whining, ’cause when he chickened out of WWE because of his huge EGO, HHH was the one who kept on running the shows with his blood and sweat for years and years.

  • Bret Hart has grudges that a hug on raw will never finish. Hart was great, but I think he believes his gimmick way to much. Look up the Scott Hall shoot interview where he talks about Hart’s house being filling every room with pictures of Bret in his gear.
    HHH is a great wrestler who fits the wwe mold. Plus as a corporate big wig has revitalized the developmental system. I’m not even a HHH fan really but I’ll give him his due.