Bret Hart on What Changes He Would Make In WWE, Big E Langston Video

– Below is the Big E Langston video for Black History Month that we linked to earlier on WWE’s Community website:

– Primo’s Wrestling in Canada recently spoke with WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart, as seen in the video below. Bret talks about wrestlers taking chairshots, his health & injuries and more. Bret says if Vince McMahon made him the boss of WWE, he would make the titles mean more. Bret says you would never have guys who are 15-time champions like Triple H and others. He would also make actual wrestling more of a priority.

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  • Ronald Ryan

    bret is right the 14 or 15 time champion reign has gone stale it should ended with ric flair or Hogan or triple h and the titles need to have more of value to them instead of just a leather belt with some gold on it